The Twilight Saga

Instructions:  Name something that somebody did in the movie or book. The person has to guess who did it, and then write down their own.

Climbed up a tree with Bella on their back.

The answer would be Edward.

Rules: Please give an answer to the question above you(even if you have no clue; just guess), AND THEN write your own. It can from the movies, or the books. You can have more than one person be the answer to your question!

I'll start it out.

Who gave Bella airplane tickets to visit her mom for her Birthday?

Hint: This was in New Moon(the book.)

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Bella...and Paul, Embry, Jared and Sam.

(I think Maggy's is Old Quill. He was the 1st to tell the stories.)

Who saw Renesmee jump up to get a snowflake?
She wore a thin sleeveless Phoenix top...& carried a parka for when she got off the plane

He helped hide Bree a lot of the time...

Who jumped across the creek?.
Edward in Breaking Dawn.

They all jumped across a river in Breaking Dawn, but who jumped across a creek?
(hint ~ this is not just for the books)
Emmett, when they were chasing Victoria & he crossed the treaty line...?

Who accidentally comes up with the "cure" (or what the baby needs) when Bella's pregnant?

who "hates" Bella?
(hint*meets bella in new moon, short hair*)
Emmett didn't get all the way across before Paul jumped on him. Victoria jumped across several times. (I love that chase scene.)
who "hates" Bella?
(hint*meets bella in new moon, short hair*)
Leah, but that's from Eclipse.

This one is going to be a little tricky:

What was the name of the man who supplied Bella with fake passports for Jacob and Renesmee?
J. Jenks (I love him!)

Who was the last one Bella saw jump off the cliff in the movie?



Who gave Renesmee a version of a promise bracelet for Christmas?


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