The Twilight Saga

Instructions:  Name something that somebody did in the movie or book. The person has to guess who did it, and then write down their own.

Climbed up a tree with Bella on their back.

The answer would be Edward.

Rules: Please give an answer to the question above you(even if you have no clue; just guess), AND THEN write your own. It can from the movies, or the books. You can have more than one person be the answer to your question!

I'll start it out.

Who gave Bella airplane tickets to visit her mom for her Birthday?

Hint: This was in New Moon(the book.)

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Well, it would be correct- I was going by the movies.


And please submit a question after answering a question- as it says in the rules.

Who hid Bree?
Dr. Carlise and Esme Cullen
Nope... ;-)

Edward, or Aro??????


Who refused to stand up against the Volturi in Breaking Dawn?

I believe that's Seth.


a) Who was the only pitcher mentioned in the baseball game?

b) Could there have been more than one?

a) Alice

b) No, I don't think so.

bella and before her it was sam pual and jarod.


who has charlies hair?  (not bell)


Where do Edward and Bella go for their honeymoon?

Isle Esme


Who showed Renesmee pictures with her ability. (BD)

she shows bella.

Renesmee showed pictures to Bella and everyone else. But who showed pictures to Renesmee?

hint: It was in Breaking Dawn when they were getting ready for the battle with the Volturi.


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