The Twilight Saga

Personally i think Bella is better off with Edward

but what do u guys think???


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yeah,you wish lol idc you can have him but Jasper's MINEE!!!!
It is obvious, she belong's with edward they are soul mates there is no other for her she know's that too.
Actually, both of them are good for Bella. It's just that she loves Edward more, so I choose Edward. But if there were no monsters or, magic, somehow, Jacob can also be good for Bella. So it's Switzerland.
Edward! and its not that she just loves him its that he understands her more than jacob. It seems like every time she's near jacob he always hurts her in some type of way and those cheezy " i'm sorry's" are not going to cut it all the time. And the only time Edward hurts her is fwhen he's tying to protect her and he dont have to say im sorry for that because he's helping her. And even in her quote in the movie " We cant be apart i thought we learned that already when your gone i worry and you worry about me" that tells it all.
Edward! Bella Cullen! At least I like that better thats just me though!

Though I'm Team Bella all the way, she has always seemed to be at peace with herself when she's with Edward, and Jacob can finally be around Edward and Bella when Renesmee is born, so I have to say Edward.


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