The Twilight Saga

Me and my brother got in the argument of who would win:
Spider-Man or Edward Cullen?
Bat-Man or Edward Cullen?
Green-Lantern or Edward Cullen?
Superman or Edward Cullen?
Iron Man or Edward Cullen?
Hulk or Edward Cullen?

Please take in to account the powers of the other people fighting!

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to put it short, The Green lantern is a guy who's powers come from a ring. the ring can make him do pretty much everything.example: flying, force feild, weapon, etc.
Spider-Man -
Edward wins hands down and no contest.. peter parker does not have any extra strength and Edward can read his mind to know every move

Bat-Man -
Edward again because he will know what gadget Bruce Wayne might pull on him and will be able to defend and counter it.. + Bruce has no extra strength/speed.

Green-Lantern -
is this even a fight?? Edward just has to take the ring away!!

Superman -
Well Clark Kent is very powerful... I think more powerful than Edward (faster than a speeding bullet and all) Edward may be able to read his mind and know his moves but he might not be quick enough to get out of the way/defend himself in time.

Iron Man -
Tony Stark is another gadget guy like Batman.. Soooo you know the answer to that one.. EDWARD!!

Hulk -
hmmm.. another tough one because the Hulk gets stronger the longer he fights. if he is able to get his hands on Edward just for a second he may be able to smash him to tiny pieces (like the new born vamps in Eclipse).. I don’t think the hulk would take the time to burn the pieces though, so Edward would reassemble himself.. the hulk is virtually indestructible so he might as well just call it a draw and make a run for it..
U r 4getting abt Robs fangs... Thz teeth can tore the pices of hulks body...
is edward faster than a speeding bullet?? ;)
Spider-man vs. Edward=Edward
Bat-Man vs. Edward=Edward
Green-Lantern vs. Edward= Edward(I have no idea who Green-Lantern is, but then again, I'm a girl)
Superman vs. Edward= tie
Iron Man vs. Edward=tie
Hulk vs. Edward=Hulk
Edward cullen would win all of them. not only would he drink all their blood he would melt them with his gorgeuos body!!!
Edward is most likely going to defeat Bat-man because technically, he doesn't have a super power. he's just rich and has cool gadgets. Spider-man might be defeated also, but then again maybe not. the rest might defeat Edward. for sure Superman.
Hmmm... I think Edward would win vs spidy,batsy,green-lantern,SM,ironman and the hulk for the obvious reason that he can read minds. Even if they'd outdid him with powers (which I doubt is the case here), they wouldn,t be able to outsmart him. :* Am I right?hahaah!!:)

I think I am in love wth EDWARD.... So I wud want EDWARD to WIN...

So... EDWARD CULLIN for me...
does edward vs. demetri from the volturi ring a bell... if demetri could get the upper hand on him then i am sure super man would have no trouble.
Edward would win against Spiderman hes alittle over rated.
Batman is strong but Edward is stronger and faster
Green Latern iam not sure of
Superman would Probaly win he can lift buildings and leap and fly Edward cant do that
Iron Man is kewl but is only a suit granted a really kewl suit but Edward is almost indistrutible
Hulk may win hes extremely strong but so is Edward and Edwards fast so it may be a tie.
Edward Cullen...
Edward Cullen...
dk on green lantern and edward cullen...
i think edward cullen...
iron man....
hulk.........he is too strong and big but can't run as fast as edward cullen..


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