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Who else thought the birth of Nessie should have been from Edward's perspective and not Jacob's?

Although I really like Jacob's perspective and I understand we need to read about Jacob imprinting Nessie. I wanted to know Edward's thoughts
when his child was born, when he thought Bella might die.
As well as his perspective during the wedding, honeymoon and Bella becoming a
Vampire. I felt like Edwards thoughts were a million miles away when it
came to his daughter.

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I'm agree with you
It wuld hav been alot btr if it waz from Edward's point of view
I would have liked that much better I think. Don't get me wrong, BD is my second fav book right behind Eclipse, but I struggled when SM switched POV from Bella to Jacob. I understand why she had to, but I do believe that Edward would have been a better choice.
I agree with you 100%!
That would be interesting to read... I wouldn't mind reading this from Edward's perspective...
I sooooo agree. I think that Edward as a father is completely forgotten even though there is a minor mention of Nessie seeing Bella and Edward humming Bella's Lulaby. I just think it would be nice if it showed Edward as a more active FATHER image.
i think edward was took close to the situation and if we got it from him we wouldnt have been able to get the big picture
I too would have liked reading that part(the whole saga actually) from Edward's POV. Breaking Dawn was my favorite but when Midnight Sun is finally finished and published I KNOW it will be my favorite...Edward has been my favorite character throughout the whole saga!
I like reading Twilight and MS together so you get BOTH POV's at the same time!!
its always awesome to see edwards prepective on things :)maybe one day Steph will write he whole Saga in his perspective
well stephenie was rght to write that part frm jacob pov bcoz at that tym edward was vry troubled ,evn jacob feels that so had been it frm edward's pov it wud hav been sort of depressing like the new moon bella thinkin all the tym that he cud lose bella n well jacob's pov brought humaour into the book ,evry1 liked the way jacob despises vamps n cracks blonde's jokes,it sumwat lightens the heavy mood of novel at that period plus had it been frm edward's view we wud nvr hav knew what happened wth the pack.fcrse edward cud read evry thought n cud tell us but that wudnt hav been the same plus the descrption of imprinting wud hav been missing.personally i like midnight evn bttr than bd n it wud hav been terrific had sm plans to write the whole series frm edward's view,but she has already dismissed that fr now.fcrse edward's more interaction wth her daughter wud hav been grt ,last part cud hav been wrttn frm edward's pov but thn we wud hav missed the vampire life's details bella experienced,all in all bd is perfect.didnt u evn like the titles of jacob's part,humourous
YEah stephenie meyer should write the whole saga from edwards P.O.V but that might be to much too ask... I did love what she released of midnight sun


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