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Hi Edward's lovers, I just watch Eclipse again (in online movie) and I just realize about it.

When the newborn come to Forks, there was fights between the Cullen's and The Newborn and Warewolves right? Then, when they start the fight,The Cullen's never tranformed or change like the Wolves did. The Cullen fight with their own power,( especialy Edward,he fight with Victoria alone!!)but Jacob's pack,they have to change before fight.

So,who you think fight more, The Cullen's or Jacob's pack??


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Am I wrong? Thats what they look like to me not like werewovles they just look like big dogs to me sorry if offended you if u cant tell I really cant stand the Wolf pack at all. Its true they helped the Cullens out with fighting the newborns and with them being in it they very easily won... although I still think the Cullens would have won either way it just wouldnt have been so easy.The werewovles transforming has no effect on the way they fight they are still not as fast, not as strong, and not as mature as the Cullens who would win in a fight between the Cullens and the wolves? Ding Ding ding......any guesses? Team CULLEN!!!!
Yes hon, the Cullen's is smarter, stronger and faster than the Pack's. And they dont need transformed which really weird!!!
Ya,they really dont look like wolves sometimes,but they are good too. And dont worry about offending anyone here,coz we are all TEAM EDWARD!:)
Yay, for the Cullen's!!!!
I thought he was brave too but he wasn't going to let Victoria get her claws on Bella so he had too. The Cullens fight more to me and its not cause i love them i just think they do especially cause they don't have to transform
Yes hon.. the Cullen's is the best!!! I mean they really do whatever thing to safe Bella but without do any harm to other human. They're really think smart,not only use their power to fight but they also use their brain so they can win the fight sucsessfuly!!!
I think both. Yeah, edward is more experienced, that's why he defeated victoria on his own. But I still think they both fight more because jacob had to defend leah and he got hurt in the process. Yeah, the pack has to change to keep from getting hurt. It's not as easy to destroy a vampire in human form for the pack, so they phase so they can do it. The cullens didn't have to change because of the fact that they are vampires themselves. It's easy for them.
The Cullens of course. sorry hate the wolves but love the cullens and bella with them


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