The Twilight Saga

Ok... So you can only read the Twilight Saga but so many times, and I'm looking for suggestions as to what to read next. If you guys can just throw some ideas in there I would appreciate it

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Once again, thanks! I will look into it!
Eragon. It doesn't have any vampires in it, but it has elves and dragons. There was an Eragon movie made also, but it really kinda stinks compared to the book. =)
I know I've read them! Still waiting for the last one to come out! It was a great suggestion though. Thanks!
Ur welcome! (they are my fave books. The third one made me cry.)
Yeah, I know when Glaedr and Oromis die....That was sad. I'm just waiting for the real romance to start. I think Eragon that Arya will end up together!
Ya me too...
i just finished reading the maxiuium ride series it was really good
Who's it by?
james patterson it was great
Okay well Im in middle school but if your into the vampire thing here are some books i really enoyed.
Vampire Kisses,

I dont know the name but if you type it in it should pop up.
It has a series of 5 books, i really enjoyed them


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