The Twilight Saga

Aww! I got Jacob Black! Its so true! :)
Ahh! lol. Hes such a hottie! <3 him!

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brand of brand left me...cheating i guess i'm recovering addict LOL
hhmmmm.! lol. sorry!? :)
I am sorry to hear that, but there are other types of heroin out there-keep looking! ;)
I got Bella, but it sounds more like me.
thats what i thought when i got bella
omg!!!!! i hate jacob!!!!! he is totally the worst!!!! and he is a stinky ugly dog!!!!! edward is my brand of heroin all the way!!!!!
Edward is my drug of choice! But Jake would be my second one!
I think I could tolerate the wet dog smell!!!
lol. i got the same as you and deffinatly feel the same way!!!
I was hoping for someone else, but I happen to love Jake, just not as much as Edward! I am pretty laid back and faithful like Jake
I got Jacob Black YAY
Edward would be my drug of choise


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