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After reading the other thread "Kristen Stewart in New Moon" i noticed that some of us not pretty much like Kristen for Bella Character, well it's normal because we have different taste and views of how Bella in the movie should be acted or portrayed.

So, just for fun...except "ourselves"... who is your second choice or maybe your first choice if not Kristen Stewart as Edward's Bella for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (that should be Rated 18 lol)?
if you have picture much better for imaginary purposes! hehe...

I'm just a curious crap, please Kristen S. fans and Bella fans don't get angry ok? let's avoid provoking here and all opinions are welcome!! looking for a healthy discussion~


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Idk I like kristen as bella.
In my opinion, it would be very hard to find someone that would be more like Bella than Kristen S. She may not be gorgeous, but in the book, no one mentions that she is anything more than pretty. And Kristen is just that. Pretty. As the way she acts, she is awesome. She's really into her role.
I agree =)
I agree. Remember that Bella is the ordinary girl she's not supposed to be any more beautiful than the next girl. Kristen does a great job. She portrays the clumsiness, the fearlessness and the love. She's doing a great job. She truly reminds of Bella from the text Kristen is everything I expected Bella to be and to look like
..that's also one thing i like Kristen she is pretty in simplicity! Her acting is so natural for me even in Panic Room.
I think Kristen does a great job esp in New Moon she fits the character so well. I don't think anyone could do a better job of being Edward's Bella
Thank you for all your comments and thoughts guys....:) greatly appreciated!
I would agree Kristen just naturally matches Bella's demeanor and attitudes. When, some important line is supposed to be delivered she will talk to fast and kinda stumble through it. I imagine that is what Bella would do. I also noticed the voice of Robert was different in the line. I think it was more natural for him to say that line. He didn't try as hard to disguise his accent
Kristin is good but... i don't know she needs to show more character
I think Kristen has done a pretty good job as Bella so far.


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