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After reading the other thread "Kristen Stewart in New Moon" i noticed that some of us not pretty much like Kristen for Bella Character, well it's normal because we have different taste and views of how Bella in the movie should be acted or portrayed.

So, just for fun...except "ourselves"... who is your second choice or maybe your first choice if not Kristen Stewart as Edward's Bella for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (that should be Rated 18 lol)?
if you have picture much better for imaginary purposes! hehe...

I'm just a curious crap, please Kristen S. fans and Bella fans don't get angry ok? let's avoid provoking here and all opinions are welcome!! looking for a healthy discussion~


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...i will search for their photos later! :)
I think that kristen is the best choice for bella she is a very good actress
I like kristen sterwert
I think that Kristen is wonderful as Bella, I mean its not easy to portray someone who goes through so many emotions at one time, and she pulls it off
I think Kristen is perfect for Bella, so my 2nd choice would have to be..... Danielle Panabaker just because she looks like she could be Bella.

.....but still....Kristen all the way, lol
wow! okay....
i like your second choice huh, just in case for Kristen...this is good! amazing eyes!~
hi there!! how's our "movement" going on? lols! it must be! Kristen will have her BS debut! woohhh~~

agree, nice point of view! she has it and she will, all the way to BD...
..i will be counting on you then for the movement, haha! and consider Jessica your vice-pres! lolz!

guess after BD i will be officially Kristen S. worshiper! haha!

girl, im waiting your reply on my other thread "Which Body Part" haha! rock me on!
What does BD stand for guys?
hi! "BD" is for Breaking Dawn...:)
We also have to remember that if they cast someone else to play Bella it would have to be a young Hollywood actress. Personally I don't think there would be anyone that can play her like Kristen, however you never know there could have been some unknown, undiscovered actress that would be better.


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