The Twilight Saga

my favorite Cullen would have to be Alice because:
1.she is pretty
2. she is very fashionable
3.she can see the future
4.shes with Jasper
5. she gets to see Edward all the time!<333

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i think i have to agree with yu but for jasper i would add that he is a really gentlemen!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with yah! they all play there own little part in making the story!!!
you are so right! just want to say some quick things. I love Jasper because he's so unique and unlike any other member in the family. Of course everyone is different but he's the most unalike. He's got that quiet, mild charisma that is hard to understand. Rosalie is just strikingly gorgeous! The way Stephenie describes her in the novels can make any boy mouthwatering :)) Carlisle is clearly the leader and always gets that calm attitude with him..
My favorite Cullen is Alice beacuse she is so kind and nice, she can also see the future, and that's cool. And of course she is with the sweet Jasper<3<3<3
I just have to mention that I wish that Carlisle was my doctor and that I love Edward with all my heart.
mine too i ♥ her soo much we got so much similaritiesi would like to name them but trust me it will be a LONG LONG list lol ♥ her though
my favourite Cullen is definately Jasper!!!! He is really misunderstood and he goes through so much more than anyone else (because he finds it harder to resist attacking humans)! And i think he should have credit for not killing Bella when he went through so much not to.
This is a hard one because all of them are my favorite, but if we are talking about the first three books, I would have to say that Alice is my favorite, because she is perky, beautiful, talented and has the best match in Jasper.
But if we were talking about all four books, i would say Bella because she puts herself infront of danger (finally) and holds her own, saves her family, the town of forks and is allowed to watch her little girl grow up.
my favorite Cullen would have to be Cartisle and Jasper
Carlisle beacue wiith out him the Cullen family wouldnt be in the picture thus edward would have died and he would never have met Bella and bella wouldnt have had Nessie and and she would still be in her boreing life so GO CARLISLE!!
and Jasper because he's conplex and vary hot i can just get lost in his mind and with out him the new-borns would have killd the Cullen family plus the Pack and Victora would of goten to bella and so yeah GO JASPER!!

thare you go! ^_^
Well besides the obvious....Edward!....because he is just perfect all around!! :) lol....I would also have to say Carlisle...he's always there for his family...very understanding, very supportive....great leader for the Cullens :)
yeah! Edward is perfect!
my favourite cullen is a difficult question. I like Edward of course but i really like Emmett and rosalie they have such powerful personalities
I like them all so i'll list why.
1.Edward cause he is so so cute and a perfect vampire and has a cool ability.
2.Alice cause she is quirky cool has mint fashion sense and is my best friend lol.
3. Jasper cause he is the strong quiet type with a cool ability i feel sorry for him.
4.Carlisle cause he created the worlds most favorite vegatarian vampires eva the Cullens.
5.Esme cause she's so sweet and considerate i wish she was my aunty[ only cause i love my mum to much to replace her].
6.Emmett cause he's Emmett and he's so funny.
7.Rosalie causes she proves that she's not just a pretty face.
8.Me cause i'm just the best Cullen eva lol!


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