The Twilight Saga

my favorite Cullen would have to be Alice because:
1.she is pretty
2. she is very fashionable
3.she can see the future
4.shes with Jasper
5. she gets to see Edward all the time!<333

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Apart from the obvious Edward because he is amazing :)
I love Emmett because he is so funny, a big brother and i just love him :)
my fav cullen is... cant choose b/c
b/c i know peter facinelli, robert pattinson, kristen stewart, ashley greene, jackson rathbone, kellan lutz, elizabeth reaser, and nikki reed personally and i dont really wanna say i luv em all the same
yeah....... you know them.... right........
well its hard to choose so im gonna say Edward AND Alice
reasonsfor Edward:hes beautiful,sweet,musical,perfect,sensitive,tough,strong,has an amazing soul(yes, he absolutely has one!!!!),loving,caring,etc. i could go on FOREVER!
reasons for Alice:cool,fashionable,loves shopping,decorating,cleaning,sees future,pretty,tiny,dainty,graceful,and can be ferocious even though she looks sweet and innocent!
I love all the Cullens, but my absolute favorite is Alice! She's just so cute and funny and her power rocks!

the world is in need of HIM.. I mean, more of HIM!

If a Carlisle ever walk on earth, world peace will just be a piece of cake!
jasper and rosalie are hales not cullens
dude they are with the Cullen family we all just consider them as Cullens *coughs* idiot *coughs* and that means technically Edward and the rest aren't Cullens either. They weren't born with the Cullen name. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's a tough one so I'll have to say Esme and Carlisle. They are just so perfect for one another. Everything that has happened between them, their meeting when she was younger and then him being the one to find her and change her to save her. Beautiful. They are the greatest.
My favorite Cullen would have to be Edward. He is smart, sexy, and he can hear peoples thoughts.
my favorite Cullen is Edward

his sweet
Mine is alice too!

Shes beautyful , brilliant , very very funny , and she is like the perfect sister. :D love her!!


Well hes super super hott. SUCH a gentleman. Just my dream man, jaw line, the hair, the voice ANDDDDD :O:O the LOVEEE


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