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my favorite Cullen would have to be Alice because:
1.she is pretty
2. she is very fashionable
3.she can see the future
4.shes with Jasper
5. she gets to see Edward all the time!<333

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I agree too, I also am a big fan of Alice, cause not only because she can see the future, but she's also fun-loving and really sweet, plus she's always striving to protect the ones she loves!
My favorite Cullen will be Edward..for sure!
But if I leave him behind....I will say Alice..
She is pretty,
She is fashionable
She is nice
She is vey close to Edward.
She likes Bella.
She seems to be happy all the time..!
its a tie between edward N alice!!! becuz i love alice shes so pretty and cheerfull,n shes amazazing........................AND Edward becuz he so gorgeous n he love bella and hes so sweets.
I have to say Esme. I can relate to her as the mother figure, and how protective she is. She loves her family with all that she is and does everything and anything for them. She loves Bella simply because she makes Edward happy. Carlisle may be the one who brought them together, but I think Esme is the one who holds them all there.
Do you mean before or after Breaking Dawn? Well, if it is before, then Alice!!!
my fave cullen would be emmett and edward..
because the both of them are fond of playing, especially emmett.. i think he's a hapy-go-lucky guy!! good for him!!
i like edward because he is sooo patient in A LOT of ways, i have to say..

alice's cool too!! she's charming and full of life
I don't think I could really single out any Cullen above the others, because they are all awesome. But I do have favorites-
For the books:
1) Edward: because he is perfect. How can you not love him
2) Alice: because she is so funny in all the books, and happy, and she can see the future, so cool!
3) Jasper: he has a really unique talent, and his life story is interesting.
4) Emmett: I love all the jokes he makes, lol Breaking Dawn
5) Rosalie: I like how she cares for Nessie in BD and how she has a different point of view on Bella becoming a vampire
6) Carlisle: I like how he decided not to hunt humans all by himself, and how he always stiches bella up after she hurts herself, and how he is a doctor and doesn't mind the scent of human blood
7) Esme: I think it's really sad how she almost died jumping off a cliff, but it lead her to her true love, so it's okay. I like how she is the foster mother of all of them, and how she accepts bella right away, unlike some others **cough cough Rosalie cough cough**
My favorite girl CUllen is Alice and my favorite boy Cullen is Edward
I love ALice because:
1. She is pretty I agree wit twilight addice<333
2. She is a good wife for Jasper
3. HEr fashion rullezzz
4. She was nice to bella
5. She helps edward with keeping an eye on Bella
6. She is related to Edward and Emmett♥
thats hard... ilove all the cullens but i would have to say carlisle because without him there would be no cullen family, he keeps everyone on the right path and hes dreamy, and hes a doctor!!
" doctor, doctor im feeling faint! " =]
I guess my favorite would be Edward, but I also really like Alice because she is genuine, sweet, and fun.
She's so ditzy!!!
My favorites would have to be Edward, because h e can read minds and, he has flaws, but some how seems to make them look good; and i like Alice, because she can see the future, she is very fashionable, and she's perky and sweet and an all around nive person. Oh, and she has Jasper.


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