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Soooo, i read the Vampire Academy series, (axcept the last book...gotta wait for my friend to finish it first). and i was wondering how other Twilight fans liked it?? If you've read it...i kinda thought it was better than's more adventurous. if you HAVEN'T read it, i reccomend it.

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AMAZING SERIES! I LOVED THEM! I still have to read the last book! I love dimitri! He is sooo sexy!

yup I've read the entire series and I LOVE VA I wouldn't say I love VA more or Twilight more because they both are completly diffrent from eachother and I love both for diffrent reasons, but anyway yea they're both awesome and I would recommend anyone to read VA :)

Oh my gosh. I read that book..all of them actually. They are so full of action its crazy. It's also something kind of different so that's nice. Not saying that twilight is awesome because it is.
I have not heard of the vampire academy...... sounds fun
I have never read any of those books... sounds good

it is i got last sacrifse 2 day xx


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