The Twilight Saga

I know I am.the book is so good.I'm going to be first in line
Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,!!

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i cant wait for it to come out i will definitely be seeing it! Eclipse is my favorite of the saga!
it tells about the sotry of rosalie,jasper and the legends of werewolfs...and many more like they are looking for a neborn vampire..:))
I know i am I will be there openining night in my twilight or New Moon t-shirts ready to go and most likely I'll see it more than once I am so ngoing to miss the saga
I can't wait to see it. Definitly the best of the Saga
me! I can't wait! Eclipse wasn't my fave book but it was still awesome ^-^ Let's hope the movie is just as good =]
i am!!!! Eclipse is my favorite book so im sooooo excited! If i could i would buy tickets right now! Definatly gonna go to the midnight showing.
do u still need to ask.
i am!

i can;t wait!!!!

i loved eclipse more than new moon in the books i mean


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