The Twilight Saga

I've just read some of ANNE RICE's works and I love Lestat.. any comment?

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i see!=)
I would have to say stephaine meyer
who's stephaine??? =p
You really can not compare Stephanie to Anne Rice!!!! They are totally two differnt styles of writing. I personally like both their books, but I more torn to The Twilight Saga because of a lot of things I can relate to.... the usage of the simple english.. since it's bella who's talking...=p even funnier when jacob talk to..=p
I'm sorry, but if you took Lestat and put him up agenst Edward........well, Lestat would win. You can't compare them. Anne Rice's vamps go with the legend of them. Stephanie Meyer's vamps are cool, but I love Ann Rice's so much more.
yes stephanie meyer
any justification?
stephanie meyer idk who anne rice is

FOR ME STEPHENIE meyer because i didnt yet read any books of anne rice books


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