The Twilight Saga


Bella is eighteen (Just graduated) and lives with her father in Forks. Edward Cullen is her best friend and is very, very rich. Anyway Edward is going out with Jessica, they’ve been going out for two years. (Jess is also rich). However, one night Edward sleeps round Bella’s and in his sleep he says he loves Bella, bella is shocked, but very curious. But Jessica finds out that Edward slept at Bella’s and when Bella goes on a midnight walk, she gets beaten up by Jess and her friends. Edward goes to see Bella, but Bella doesn’t tell him, it was Jess who beat her up. Anyway, they talk about random things, and Bella leans in and kisses him, she is shocked because he is her best friend, but one thing leads to another and they end up in her bed!. And Bella soon realises that she loves him. But Edward starts avoiding Bella, and when he finally speaks to her again, he tells her that his and Jessica’s parents have arranged a wedding for him and Jess to get married in about two months, and he tells Bella he loves Jess and that they shouldn’t be friends anymore. Bella is hurt, but doesn’t know if she can believe him. Also, lately she starts to feel sick and dizzy … is she pregnant? What will Bella do? What will Edward do? And will Jess find out, and go out to get Bella? Will it be a happy ending? Please read!



Bella (18)

Charlie (40)

Renee (40) - but lives in Phoenix.



Edward (18) - Jessica Stanley, Edward’s girlfriend.

Emmett (21) - married to Rosalie Hale.

Alice (16) - has a crush on Jasper Hale.

Esme Cullen (41)

Carlisle Cullen (42)


Hales. -

Rosalie Hale (21) - married to Emmett Cullen

Jasper Hale (16) - Has a crush on Alice Cullen.

(and obviously their parents, but their not in the story.) :)






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Chapter 1. Sun


I woke up. The sun was yellow and bright as it shone through my curtains. Wow. It was sunny for once - in Forks! I couldn’t believe it, I quickly ran to my bedroom window and opened the curtains. I was right, it was sunny. The sun shone over the blue horizon and shone in the meek greyish, blue sky. I opened the window and breathed in the beautiful, fresh air. The light breeze hit at my face, making me shiver. But still it was nice to have a bit of light in this wet, cold country.


“It’s a beautiful day isn’t it” My dad suddenly said. I turned to face him, he was standing in the door way with a cup of coffee in his hand. He looked pleased about the weather to.


“Mmm.” I turned back round to face the sun “I’ve lived here since I was seven and it’s like I haven’t saw the sun before” I chuckled.


“Apart from going to see your mother in Phoenix.” He pointed out. I rolled my eyes and smiled.


“Yes dad apart from that.” I breathed in the fresh air again. I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day.


“Anyway, I’m off now” Charlie said still standing behind me.




“Yeah, I’ll be back soon.” He told me.


“Kay.” I breathed. And then I heard the door quietly close from behind me. He was gone.


After getting washed and dressed in a short sleeve top and jeans, I got an old blanket from the cupboard and took it down stairs and into the garden. I usually do this when it’s sunny - which is not that often. I also got my favourite book Wuthering Heights. I was already on the last chapter, might as well read it now. So I lay down on my stomach and started flicking through the pages. I was relaxed…


About half hour had passed now, and the sun was still beaming brightly in the blue sky. I smiled. I had finished my book now and I wasn’t done absorbing the sun. So instead I lay on my back and closed my eyes, but a couple of seconds later, I couldn’t feel the warm heat on my skin. Where is my sun? I opened my eyes and breathed. But then suddenly jumped. Gah!


“Edward!” I yelled, “Don’t do that, you startled me!”


Edward was standing over me, smiling, blocking my sun. He starting chuckling and sat next to me. I looked up at him and glared. His emerald, green eyes sparkled in the sun and his tanned, but yet pale complexion made me feel jealous due to my pale, ghost-like skin. Edward Cullen has been my best friend since I was seven. But I haven’t seen him lately - he’s been on holiday for three weeks in Hawaii! That’s probably why he is so tanned. I was still glaring at him,


“I take it your not happy to see me” he said playfully.


“No! I am not” I said, crossing my arms and pouting. Edward put on his sad face and bent down his head, but then suddenly stood up, blocking my sun again. He is so tall.


“I understand…” he said sadly but playfully, walking away. Ugh!


“Ugh. Edward come back! Just sit down” I said.


He looked over his shoulder then smiled showing a set of pearly white teeth. I rolled my eyes, as he sat back down next to me on the ragged blanket.


“Make up your mind Bella! You want me here or you don’t!” he said teasingly, running his fingers through his bronze, messy hair. I’ve always loved Edward’s hair.


“Oh just shut up!” I chuckled. He chuckled to. “So” I said changing the subject now “How was Hawaii?”


“Very hot. I’m actually quite annoyed that it’s sunny today.” he said looking up at the sky disgustedly.


“It was raining yesterday.” I reminded him.


“I only got back this morning, So I haven’t saw the rain yet” he sighed.


“What? Really? You must be really tired.” I said lying back down. Edward lay next to me, the sun shone on both of us. His eyes looked bright as they sparkled in the sun. I was getting even more jealous of his new, tan.


“No, not really. I slept on the plane” he told me, closing his eyes now.


“Have you been to see Jessica‘s?” I asked him, although I probably already knew. Jessica Stanley is Edward’s girlfriend, they’ve been dating for two years. Jessica is also rich, just like Edward. I’ve only ever met her a couple of times and she didn’t seem that polite but I didn’t know if that was just towards me. She was quite small, with wavy brown hair. She also had a mind for fashion, and to me she thought a lot of herself. But I know Edward likes her a lot.


“No not yet. I’m going to hers after I’ve been here.” he said eyes still closed. I was surprised about that.


“Ouhh, I’m special, that you came to see me first” I said jokingly. I turned my head to face him. His eyelids were open now and he had a small smirk on his face. I smiled to.


“Yes you are” he breathed. He seemed serious. Well we are best friends. I smiled at him and turned my head so I was facing the sky. It was so blue, so unusual for Forks - but I wasn’t complaining.


“How did you meet Jess exactly?” I suddenly asked. Jess never went to the same school as me and Edward - Forks high School. Edward said she was home schooled. But he never told me how they met.


“My parents introduced me to her, and I guess they were sort of hoping I would fall for her-"

“And you did” Obviously. He chuckled. “so why do you think, your parents wanted you to get together?” I continued.


“I’m not sure. But my mother works with Jess’ mom with the magazine and they‘ve been friends for ages.” he told me. He seemed calm and complexed


“Oh” I murmured. Edward’s parents are very …. Determined to get the ‘best’ things in life. Edward’s father Carlisle is one of the main doctors. Sometime he has to go to different hospitals. And his mother works as a magazine editor, she owns her own magazine for women’s fashion, she also owns her own resturant! But i have never been. And Edward’s parents, (from what he has told me), expects very much of him. His elder brother Emmett is twenty one and is already in the boxing career and is already married, to Rosalie Hale. And Edward’s younger sibling, Alice is still in school but obviously in the top set. I get along really well with Alice, she’s like a little sister, she tells me everything, like how she has a little crush on Jasper Hale Rosalie Hale’s younger brother. The Hale family are not rich like the Cullen’s, but Rosalie does modelling shoots, for Esme’s magazine, so the Cullen’s bond very well with the Hale’s. My father is also close friends with Carlisle, but I’m still kind of shy of them, even though I’ve known them for how long.


It was silent for a minute or two, until the sun started to shy away behind the white, turning grey clouds. It was getting darker. No! I didn’t want it to rain!


“I think it might rain.” Edward said, it sounded like he had a smile on his face.


“How could you like the rain. I’m sick of it!” I groaned, sitting up now.


“If you went to Hawaii for three weeks, you would understand” he said sarcastically also sitting up. The breeze swirled around me, blowing a lock of hair in front of my face. Edward got it and put it behind my ear. I smiled at him, and then sighed.


“I can’t afford to go to Hawaii … Unlike some people” I joked referring to him and his rich family.

“I’ll take you one day” he told me. He seemed serious. Was he serious? I looked at him and rolled my eyes.


“Oh, can you see me standing on the beach with my pale skin and wearing one of those flower necklaces. I can’t picture it” I laughed. I looked at my arm, so, so pale. He put his bronze, glowing arm next to mine, so they touched. He was so warm. Had he been working out?


“Hmmmm, it’s not that much of a difference” he snickered while looking at the comparison of our skin colours.


“Har, Har. Very funny.” i said rolling my eyes and standing up now. He looked up at me under his lashes and smiled. It was the smile I adored. I couldn’t help but smile back.


“I’m serious I will take you. You’ll love it” he said serious again.


“Is that a promise?” I teased. He stood up now and looked at me with his green eyes. His eyes weren’t like the colour of moss, they were like a light, lime green. No wonder the girls always used to fall over him, when we were at school - I always wondered why.


“Yeah, we’ll sunbath on the beach till you have a glowing tan-” he snickered.


“And dance, wearing hula skirts” I laughed.


“Not so sure about that one” he snorted, showing his pearly white teeth again. “But we will go, that’s our destination”


I laughed “To go to Hawaii, what about Jessica, where is yours and her destination?


He chuckled “Hmmmm. She’ll probably want to go to Hollywood or something.”


“I prefer Hawaii to Hollywood. But that’s just me…”


“And me” he smiled. I smiled back.

“Can I ask a question?” He nodded. “Why do you live here in Forks, you have a choice to live all over the world and you choose to live here in rainy Forks.”


He thought for a minute “Well for my parents, my mother’s business is in Seattle and this is where my father works. It’s not hard Bella.” he said mockingly, I gave him a playful glare “And” he continued “Because I wouldn’t want to leave my best friend” he smiled. Aw, he is so awesome. “Oh and Jessica” he quickly added on. I laughed.


It was silent for a minute, until I felt a spot of rain trickle down my face. ‘go away rain!’ I thought to myself. Edward wiped the tear-like raindrop from my face and looked up, to the now grey, murky sky.


“I better go, before I get soaked” Edward said. I wrapped my arms around each other, shivering. How could it go from being really sunny, to almost raining? Forks’ weather conditions are weird. I sighed.


“Kay” I murmured. “Say … um hi to Jess for me?” Even though she probably wouldn’t care at my polite ‘hello’. Oh well.


“Sure, Sure” he nodded. I got my book and ragged blanket and We both walked to the front of the house. Where Edward’s red, ostentatious convertible car sat on the drive, next to my red, truck.


“No limo?” I joked.


“Naw. I like to drive my own cars.” he said walking over to it and unlocking it, with just a button that he had on his set of keys.


“Show off!” I called. He looked at me over his shoulder and winked. I laughed and ran to the front door.


“Get inside Bella, It’s cold. I’ll call you!” he said getting in his car now. I nodded and waved. I was about to go inside, but then I heard his car come to life. I turned to face him, I saw him laughing

‘Show off’ I mouthed at him again, but he just smiled. And then he was gone.



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how sweet is tht.
plz post more SOON
love it
keep going
love it update soon
Thanks you guys :)
I really LOVE this story. Please keep me updated!


We were there now - at the restaurant, From the outside it looked absolutely plush and modern. The name ‘Mai Belle’ was sparkled in red lights above the huge, purple double doors. And standing next to the door was a mid-twenty’s man, who obviously worked there, and he was giving people over polite smiles and handing them leaflets. The people going inside, obviously looked very posh in there cocktail dresses and designer shirts. At least I wouldn’t stand out.

“Shall we” Edward said calm, opening my door. I blushed and slid out of the car, as gracefully as I could. I then clung on to Edward’s arms for support.

“I can’t believe Alice made me wear these heels.” I moaned, while counting my steps in my head, so I wouldn’t fall.

Edward chuckled and held my arm tighter “Now you won’t fall.”

“Thanks” I muttered, still counting my steps. But then we finally reached the over-polite smiling man. He had long glossy black hair with olive toned skin and was very lanky and big built. He should have been a security guard or something, not a door man.

“Hello, welcome to ‘Mai Belle” he said, smiling. His accent had a hint of Italian and was very low. “Hope you have a pleasant meal.”

“Oh we will” Edward smiled back, taking the leaflet he had handed to him “Thank you.”

Edward didn’t even look at the leaflet, he just shoved it in his pocket as we walked inside “Menu sales…” he whispered.

“Ah” I giggled. We reached the man inside of the doors now. He looked very … luxurious as he stood with his nose in the air. His blond hair was gelled back, so it looked rock solid. And his big round figure, didn’t do him any justice, wearing the black and white uniform. But then he turned around to face us, and his expression was polite.

“Mr Cullen!” he said with his strong Italian accent “Good to see you, eh. I haven’t saw you in ages! How is your family, eh?”

Edward smiled politely, while I just blushed next to him and smiled.

“Fine thank you, Anselmo. And my family are well” he said. Did Edward always use his Formal language when he was out? - very polite.

“That is good. Have you already booked your table?” he asked, looking at his note board. “Ah! Yes you have. Table for two, eh?” he said, showing his teeth, he looked at me now, and hit Edward’s arm, chuckling. Edward just smiled.

“This beautiful young lady, must be Jessica, eh? Your mother tells me many things.” he said. I blushed and put my head down. Should I correct him? Or would Edward? I’ll let Edward.

“No, this is Bella” Edward corrected him. “A friend.” I looked up then and smiled, still blushing.

“Ah, well she is also a beauty” he said smiling. But then he looked at the queue that was lining behind us, of hungry customers “Ouh! Eh, let me show you to your table, no.”

“Finally…” I whispered to Edward as … Anselmo led the way. Edward snickered. I realised that my arm was still welded tight through Edward’s. But he kept me well structured and standing.

We finally reached our table for two, it was in the corner, away from all the chatter and small talk of people in the room. The room was very well lit, it had a kind of reddish tone. The walls were papered with a maroon and purple pattern that made the room look more modern. The carpeted floor was plush and an eye catching red. The bar at the far end of the room, was marble and had three ladies standing behind it. I also noticed that there were red chandeliers over every table, sparkling. Wow.

“Ah, here is your menus. And hope you enjoy you meal” Anselmo smiled, handing us the purple menu’s “Oh, and good to see you Mr Cullen, eh”

“Thank you. And you two Anselmo.” Edward said, a bit annoyed. Probably a bit impatient for him to leave. I couldn’t help but giggle, but so no one could notice it. Anselmo finally left and went back to serve the hungry people that were waiting to be seated.

“How do you know him?” I asked Edward, as I looked at the menu with all the fancy foods, that I have never even heard of before.

“My mother knows him. She works with him at the food critic. He used to work at her restaurant, but then he started working here, as it was closer to his home” he chuckled, shaking his head.

“Oh.” I giggled. It was silent for a minute, as we were looking at what we wanted to order.

“See anything you like? Oh and they don’t have, mushroom ravioli here” he joked. I squinted my eyes at him and looked back at the menu. He knows I love mushroom ravioli.

“That’s to bad…” I sighed, playfully. “Now I’m going to have to order something really expensive.”

He looked at me over his menu, so only his green eyes were showing. “That’s fine.”

I rolled my eyes, and looked at him again. He was still looking over his menu. I smiled. “You know, I really love you eyes….” I said, chewing on my lip, and a bit embarrassed.

He put his menu down then “Oh really?” he said seductively “Do they turn you on Bella?” He teased, making his voice lower and gazing at me playfully, chewing on his lip, trying to laugh. I frowned.

“Shut up Edward!” I moaned “I won’t compliment you again!”

He rolled his eyes and looked back at his menu “I’m kidding … and thanks.” he said serious “I think your eyes are pretty to.”

“’Do they turn you on’” I mocked, putting on a silly voice. Edward laughed maybe a bit to loud, because a couple of heads turned in our direction. But Edward didn’t seem to notice.

“You ar a stubborn one, aren’t you” he smiled, the crooked smile I adored. “But don’t get mad, Jess also loves my eyes to.”

“Really?” I asked surprised.

“Yep” he said “what can I say? One look into the eyes and were walking up the stairs and-”

“Edward!” I stopped him “I don’t want to know all the details!” Ugh. I didn’t want to imagine my best friend and Jessica. I didn’t even want to think about it!

“I was kidding Bella” he chuckled, as he saw the expression on my face “But thank you for the compliment anyway.”

“Your welcome. But you aren’t getting another one” I warned him.

“Fine…But can I still compliment you?” he smiled. I giggled then.

“By all means.” I smiled. He just smiled back and then raised his hand slightly. I looked at him confused, but then suddenly realised that he was calling for a waiter. One came over immediately.

“Can I help you, sir?” The young, orange haired, women asked politely. She took out her notepad and pen.

“Yes. Err… I’ll have the …chicken pepperonata. And drink, I’ll have a coke please. Bella?” he asked. I didn’t particularly know what to order.

“Uh, same please. And I’ll have a lemonade.” I said, closing my menu and handing it over to her as did Edward.

The lady wrote down, what we ordered and looked up to face us, with a small smile (I take it, she didn’t like working here very much.) “Okay. Your drinks will be here shortly. But your food, will be arriving shortly after.”

“Thank you” Edward said politely, with a smile. The lady smiled back to him, blushing. I smirked. And then she walked to the next table. I looked at Edward and then suddenly realised, what I was meant to do.

“Oh by the way Edward. I have a favour to ask of you.” I smirked. He looked worried and sighed.

“Oh no. What do you want now?” he said, leaning on his hand, waiting.

“Okay, well. My dad is going away for a couple of night’s due to work. And he doesn’t want me to stay alone and-”

“Ah, so you want me to stay with you?” he guessed.

“Well lie.” I told him. He looked at me confused.

“Lie?” he asked.

“Yeah. He thinks I’m to young to stay by myself, which is totally absurd. And your probably be to busy with Jess anyway and I-”

“Bella” he murmured, cutting me off again. “I told you, Jess is away for the week. And I have no plans. So yeah I will stay over at your house.”

I was shocked by that, but I chewed on my lip unsurely “Are you sure Edward? You don’t have to.” I reassured him.

He just smiled and leaned forward “Bella, I am sure. I don’t feel comfortable lying to the chief of police anyway.” he winked.

“I wouldn’t get you into trouble.” I told him.

He snorted “Bella, your dad knows I get into all mischief, I think he’s past trusting me.”

“So you had a couple of fights. Big deal!?” I giggled. Our drinks had arrived now. And my mouth was insanely dry, so I took a sip, or maybe a gulp.

Edward continued. “Yeah. But I don’t want to go into further trouble. So I will sleep over at you house” he reassured me. But then he snickered “And don’t worry I will protect you, if any burglar comes along.”

I rolled my eyes “I don’t need protecting!” I said stern.

“Charlie seems to think so.”

“But he’s a dad. Dad’s, equals, protective of daughters.” I giggled, taking another sip.

“Mmmm. I guess that is true.” he said calmly. But then his face was serious “But if anyone did touch you Bella, that would be it.”

“You sound like my dad!” I moaned.

Edward smiled slightly but his face was still serious “But seriously. I would never let any one touch you.”

I smiled thoughtfully, “You know your awesome, and you know all those times I’ve said I’ve hated you. Well I lie” I chuckled, playfully

“Wow. Your actually being nice to me” he said teasingly, trying to act surprised. “And I’ll remember about that lying about hating me thing.”

I laughed “I know I can’t believe it either! And I bet you will” I chuckled playfully, also trying to act surprised. But my acting skills weren’t very creative.

Edward was serious again. “But your awesome to. And I’m serious about me ‘protecting’ you thing. If I do it for Jess, then I have to do if for you. You’re my best friend.”

“Jess, your girlfriend, is obviously more important then me, your best friend.” I reminded him.

He thought for a minute and leaned back. His green eyes glistening under the reddish light. “Naw I would say equal. But with a girlfriend you kiss and make out, hold hands-”

“Okay Edward” I stopped him “Again with the details.” He chuckled and leaned forward again, biting his lip.

“But I love you to Bells” he said calmly. I blushed “But obviously as a best friend. I’ve know you since when.” He smiled showing his natural, white teeth. I smiled back at him.

“I love you to, best friend.” We both smiled at each other for a minute. Edward really was awesome. The most lovely and sincere guy I have ever met, the goodest best friend ever. I’m glad I have him in my life.

“Do you remember when I first met you. When we was just walking and there was a rock right in front of you, but you didn’t see it, and I saved you before you tripped?” he asked suddenly out of the blue.

“Yeah?” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

“Well that proves I’m meant to be your protector. And keep you from embarrassing you clumsy self” he howled, leaning back in his seat, with his drink in his hand - taking a gulp of it.

“Hey!” I accused, alsmost choking on my drink. He snorted.

“So” I continued “Your meant to save me from rocks?” I joked.

“Something like that.” he smiled, leaning on the table towards me. Wow, I’m sure he had been working out. Or was it just my eyes? But his muscles were shaped and quite huge!

“Well okay then, you can save me from giant rocks!” I mocked. But then I suddenly sat up straight, as I saw a waitress heading towards us, with two plates.

“And everything else…” he quickly added on, with a smirk. I glared at him, but then suddenly perked up as the waitress reached the table. Mmmmm…. The food smelt good…

“Looks tasty.” I said as soon as the waitress left.

“Sorry Bella, I’m taken” Edward joked, grabbing his knife and fork. I glared at him and pouted.

“I meant the food! Gosh, your very cocky tonight” I told him. He just laughed, and I couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“I know, I know. But if it wasn’t about the food. I would say you look tasty to” he said, in a silly voice. I looked at him and he started laughing.

“Wow. Your showering me with compliments tonight. That is unusual” I mocked, digging into the juicy chicken, that lay on my plate.

“Ah, I’m feeling generous” he mumbled, with a slight chuckle. He glared at me playfully, and stuck a piece of chicken in his mouth and chewed in hungrily.

“You pig!” I laughed.

“Hey you get the compliments and I get the dis-compliments. Is that fair?” he murmured sarcastically.

“Fine. You eat so beautifully” I told him, with a smirk.

“Thank you Miss Swan.” he said, putting on the British accent again.

“Your quite welcome, Mr Cullen.” I said, also putting on the British accent, but of course, it was once again a sickening attempt. But he laughed anyway. And we both dug into our ‘tasty’ meals. Mmmmm….

haha your comment made me laugh! :) and don't worry more will be posted soon :)
hahha i like it
but so what the cat ssays
please post more. i love the story. please keep me updated.
awesome! LOL


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