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Really, I dont understand. She is great !!! WHY really WHY everybody thinks that she is so selfish or mean???? Tell me what do you think !!

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I love Rose,people dont like her because she does not like bella
I love Rosalie! We can relate so much! The only reason she acts the way she does is because she was forced to give up everything.
i think rose has been through a whole lot before she was transformed. and shes not mean, she knows what she wants and that for her family to be protected and bella has put rosalies family through alot of life threatening risks, and she doesnt understand how bella is willing to give up her life to be one of them, because rosalies life was about perfect when she was human and she would give anything to be human again, but she is stuck as a vampire and she has to live forever knowing nothing will ever change. i think she is very strong and independent and really pretty. Plus she's basically married to Emmet!! hello hes hot!
I think rose is a nice vampire. She is jelous of Bella but really she is a good vampire like she dooesnt drink humans or she doesnt attack bella so like she isnt so bad =]


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