The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 0: Maya's POV


Do I love him? Or is it hate? `I thought, as he stared me down waiting for the answer I didn't have.


"So? Whats your choice?" He pressed


"I- I just, " I couldn't finish that thought. I didn't know what I thought. How did I feel about him? I certainly had no idea. "I don't know."


"Well, until you do, I'm gone." He walked away leaving me in the rain, in the middle of the wood.


"I love you." I whispered when he was already out of sight.



Mia's POV


How could I let this happen? How could I fall for him?


“Please, I can’t stand your silence.” He begged.


 “Just go away! I hate you! I can’t stand you, but you keep coming back.” Worst lie of my life.


He backed away slowly towards the wood, shaking uncontrollably. Then turned around and ran.


“I hate lying.” I told myself


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Here's the link for the Nessie story to go with it:

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I think you should keep going . I want to know what happens :)
thanks i will
Thanks :D
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.... FIRST COMMENT EVER!!!

wow that was intense and thats just a little bit more ASAP
...Actually u were the second, But thats close enough! lol. I will!
Defintelty countinue
plz continue
i will
There are a number of mean names I could call you right now but I wont because I have some class. If you have rude comments, leave them to yourself.
Do I love him or do I hate him?

Chapter 1~ Maya’s POV

Why did they just insist on torturing me. I wanted to get away from the cold not closer to it. But it was no help to mope around the house all day, they were still going to send us there.
“Mia? Have you seen my black jeans?” I yelled into the duct that connected our rooms.
“Uh, yes. You let me borrow them Tuesday.” She said back. “And you don’t have yell, I’m not that far from the duct.”
“Can I have them? I want to wear them for our last day here.”
“Sure.” She was at my door in seconds, “I washed them, so they are clean.” I looked over my sister, my twin.
She was dressed in a short gray dress and black wedges. We were identical, so she looked almost exactly like me. Same dark hair, though mine was longer, same heart shaped face with full lips and almond shaped eyes. And the same dark skin and elfish nose. The only difference between us was our eye color. Mine was a subtle blue-green color, and hers were a stormy blue-gray color.
“Don’t you look a little fancy?” I asked her before turning around to find a shirt to wear. It was May, so I just threw on my poofy black tank and quarter length black leather jacket. I wouldn’t be cold today.
“Don’t you look a little to goth?” She retorted
“No, I look perfectly goth.” I laughed.
“Maya, you are way to perky to be goth.”
“Did you just call me perky?”
“Can we just go with happy?”
“Fine, happy.”
“Maya, Mia! Its time to go if you want to be on time.” Our mothered called
“Coming!” We said simultaneously. We smiled at each other.
We raced down the stairs and grabbed our bags. Mine had a giant rhinestone skull on it and Mia’ s said “I love Vampires.”
“Are you driving? Or am I driving?” Mia asked me.
“You are. I’m tired of getting speeding tickets.” I walked past her, right up to the car.
“Oh yeah. How do you keep paying those off?”
“Mom. She says that moving away is my punishment, and that I have to get a job when we get there.” I rolled my eyes.
“I laugh at your pain.”
“Shut up. The only reason I’m going today is to say goodbye to everybody, including Andrew.” I wink at her.
She groaned. “Only you would do that.”
“Then you haven’t met half the cheerleading squad. Plus, I wasn’t going to go that far.” I pouted
“I have met the cheer squad and they aren’t that bad.” She retorted
“Then you met the good ones.” I made a face at her and stuck my tongue out.
She stuck her tongue out at me. “You act like you’re three.”
“So do you, and pay attention to the road. If you want to get there on time to say goodbye to Adam.” I smiled
Somehow we always ended up being freakishly alike, no matter how hard we tried not to be. Like how we both had boyfriends who had names that started with A. But I guess we had always been strangely connected. We could sense each others feelings and sometimes think the others thoughts. We shared basically everything.
“We’ll get there on time. Don’t worry.” She said, speeding slightly.
“Ya know, it’s dangerous to speed.” I mimicked her tone from a few days before.
“I’m barely going over the limit!” She exclaimed.
We arrived at school within a few minutes. Traffic on the bridge was always terrible. Nobody knew how to drive in my home town of Akron, Ohio. Maybe in La push, the town we were moving to in Washington State, people would know. I mean, even though people might be able to drive there it doesn’t mean I want to move to a small town across he country. The only reason we were even going was because my dad got a job there. All my friends and family were here, why would I want to leave them?
“I know, I don’t wan to leave either.” Mia said as we walked toward the south entrance where we always met Andrew and Adam.
“Get out of my head, twin.” I said simply.
Andrew was wearing a broad smile as we approached. He was pretty good looking, if you asked me. Dark hair worn skater boy style framed his mossy green eyes. He had full soft lips, that I knew well, and a muscular body.
Adam was okay by my terms. Light, curly hair that was a poof on top of his head, and purplish colored eyes. He had ivory skin with lips that were a soft pink and a muscular frame. (Not my type at all, but he made Mia happy.)
“Liv is waiting inside, its best not to keep her waiting. So-” Andrew didn’t even heave to finish. Liv was vicious when you made her wait.
“Kay,” I looked at my twin. “See ya later twin 2.”
“Bye twin 1.” She smiled at me then gazed back up at Adam.
I pecked Andrew on the lips and started off. It sucked that today was my last day with him, ever. I hated the idea of a long-distance relationship, they made it to easy to cheat. So before the end of the day, I would break up with him. Which is bad since I was just starting to really like him.
Anyways, Liv and Mandy were waiting by the orchestra room. (Orchestra was my guilty pleasure.)
“Bout time you get here! I wanted to spend every last minute I have with you, not here.” Mandy giggled. Mandy was white enough to be albino, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a round face with her signature scar next to her nose. And she was decked out in her usual punk clothes.
Liv was an entirely different story. She had beautiful mocha colored skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. She was almost always dressed formally, like she had to play a concert within a moments notice. Today she was wearing a ruffled blouse with black slacks and a bunch of necklaces.
I gave her a hug. “I’m going to miss you so much, Liv.” Then I turned to Mandy. “I’m going to miss you too, Mandy. Don’t forget to send me pictures every week and keep my updated on drama.” I smiled
“We won’t girl. And don’t worry, we gonna party it up like there’s no tomorrow. Literally.” Liv laughed at her bad joke.
“But there is a tomorrow, so you better make the best of today.” I warned.
“Don’t worry, chicky. We got this.” Mandy put her arm around one of my shoulders and Liv did the same.
“You better.” I muttered before we started towards class with Andrew in tow.
love it write more soon please and can you keep me updated =)


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