The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 0: Maya's POV


Do I love him? Or is it hate? `I thought, as he stared me down waiting for the answer I didn't have.


"So? Whats your choice?" He pressed


"I- I just, " I couldn't finish that thought. I didn't know what I thought. How did I feel about him? I certainly had no idea. "I don't know."


"Well, until you do, I'm gone." He walked away leaving me in the rain, in the middle of the wood.


"I love you." I whispered when he was already out of sight.



Mia's POV


How could I let this happen? How could I fall for him?


“Please, I can’t stand your silence.” He begged.


 “Just go away! I hate you! I can’t stand you, but you keep coming back.” Worst lie of my life.


He backed away slowly towards the wood, shaking uncontrollably. Then turned around and ran.


“I hate lying.” I told myself


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Adam will have to deal with two angry werewolves.

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Chapter 9- Good News, bad news. You decide.

Maya’s POV


            It was too late to warn Mia by the time the car hit us. I don’t remember much else except a splitting pain in my skull. I heard the airbag go off before I passed out.

            I woke up in a stark white room, with a really beautiful male doctor leaning over me. It was almost weird. “Who are you?” I managed to ask

            “Doctor Carlisle Cullen,” He grinned at me. He was pale, paler than Renesmee. He had glossy blonde hair and a pretty face in general. “You were in a car accident.”

            “I know and I’m at the hospital. Who’s here to see me?” I asked, slightly excited even if I was wearing a hospital gown.

            Dr. Cullen chuckled. “Many people are here to see you.”

            “Awesome, I only have two more questions. Can I sit up? And who are you to Renesmee?”

            “You are fine to sit up and I guess I am considered her grandfather. Bella and Edward are technically her aunt and uncle.” ({I’m going with the story they told Charlie... For Now...})

            I sat up slowly, getting a feel for my body again. “How long was I out?” My head was pounding and the room span a little but I was mostly fine. I could feel where the seatbelt dug into my chest.

            “About a day, and in that time, you and your sister had managed to gather a small crowd.” He smiled. “I’ll send a few of them in.” Dr. Cullen made his grand exit.

            I looked around the room. It was the same drab white of all hospitals. A TV hung on the wall in the middle of two beds. A curtain was there to separate the patients but they didn’t bother pulling it because the other patient was Mia.

            I swung my feet over the edge of the bed and tried to stand. I fell within a few steps. Luckily, I caught on to Mia’s bed rail. She only twitched. I desperately hoped she was okay, there was a pretty nice sized line of stitches on her forehead. I grabbed her hand and rubbed it between mine. She was cold, really cold. A jolt of guilt coursed through me.

            The accident was my fault. She had a surprise for me and was in a rush to get to it. My fault.

            I heard the door the door close softly behind me. A too warm arm slipped around my waist and pulled onto the bed. Seth spoke softly into my ear while he situated me on his lap, “Dr. Cullen said you shouldn’t be up and around yet.”

            “Hi Seth,” I grinned. “How’d you get in here before my parents did?” I asked

            “With ease, all I did was open the door.” He chuckled.

            I struggled to turn around and see him. “You rock, you do know that? Right?”

            “I know.” He kissed my forehead. “I was so worried when I got the call from your friends. They said you had been in an accident and they didn’t know how you were doing. Luckily, you only ended up with a few stitches in your head and nice bruise from your seatbelt.” His lips passed over the tender spot near my temple before he placed them softly on mine.

            When we broke apart I asked, “What do you mean my ‘friends’?”

            “I guess Mia didn’t tell you then.”

            The door opened again. Expecting my parents, I moved from Seth’s lap and turned to find them.

            I screamed.

            I jumped up as rapidly as I could and gave them fierce hugs. “No fricken way!! What are you guys here?”

            Mandy and Liv laughed, obviously delighted by my surprise. “Adam invited us. My dad paid for both of our plane tickets and here we are. Oh and by the way, I now have to clean the basement which means there will be spiders. But I’m doin’ it to see you, which almost makes it okay.” Mandy said before she hugged me a second time.

            Liv just couldn’t resist adding, “We’ve met your little native boyfriend, and we approve.” She winked at Seth, who was still sitting on my bed.

            “Thanks for the approval.” I was giddy. It was easy to approve of Seth. I walked back over to the bed and crawled back into Seth’s lap. “Who all is here for us?”

            “Well, Us, Adam, your parents, a whole bunch of native peoples, and a girl named Renesmee. Renesmee is an odd name, don’t you think?” Mandy listed

            “There is also another person we are sure you won’t like. We honestly had no idea he was coming, he just came,” Liv added sheepishly.

            My face drained of color. “Who is it?”

            Liv confirmed my fears, “Andrew.”

            “We didn’t invite him. He just walked out of the airport terminal while we were sitting there waiting for you. And then Adam said that Mia had stopped talking and he thought you were in a crash, so we called your parents and told them what road you were on. Your mom called us back twenty minutes later to tell us you were both on your way to the hospital. We had to put all of our money together to get a rental car to drive up here and see you. We were freaking out,” Mandy over explained.

            “Sorry, if we had our car there wouldn’t be this issue.” I shrugged.

            “Anyways,” Liv started, “We’re glad you’re okay. We hope Mia’s okay, too.” She glanced at Mia, looking worried.

            “Yeah, me too,” I looked at Mia and flinched. My fault. “So can you bring everybody in?”

            “Sure, I’m certain they’ll be happy to see you up.” Liv and Mandy made their way toward the door.

            “Just don’t let Andrew even come near this room.” I reminded them.

            “Fine,” Mandy slammed the door. I turned around on Seth’s lap to get a better look at him. He had big black circles under him eyes, like he hadn’t slept in a while. He was clearly trying not to drift off while sitting with me. It was cute.

            I smiled at his cute puppy dog face. “You’re so cute when you’re trying not to fall asleep.” I grinned at his surprise.

            He chuckled, “Thank you, and I think you’re sexy as hell.”

            I smack his chest, got on my knees so I was eyelevel with him and spoke, “You’re ridiculous. I’m not sexy in a tank top and sweats.” I placed a kiss on his nose.

            “Au contraire, there’s nothing sexier than a woman in her pjs.” He out right laughed and put his hand on the back of my thigh. I barely brushed my lips over his before Mia stirred in her sleep. I turned to look at her while Seth placed gentle kisses on my neck. “She’ll be fine,” He told me between kisses.

            “I hope so,” My voice was barely audible. I turned back and kissed him fiercely on the lips. It would only be a minute before everybody else was in here, so I took advantage of it. I broke away as soon as I heard the door knob click. I turned around and sat back on his lap.

            Seth was breathing pretty hard. That made me feel a little better. Adam came in first, followed by Liv, Mandy, Renesmee, Jacob, and, oh so shockingly, Embry.

            Embry approached hesitantly, as if he wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I decided to make him feel less awkward and act like he wasn’t here for Mia. “Hey Embry, what’s crackin?”

            He looked away from Mia for a minute. “Nothing much, just glad you and Mia are alright.” He looked even sadder when he looked at me wrapped in Seth’s arms.

            Mia stirred when Embry spoke. She blinked a few times and looked into the smiling face of Adam. He looked so happy (he probably thought he was the reason she woke up). She smiled for a second before she grimaced.

            “Ouch, what happened to my head?” She glanced at my smiling face, grimaced again when she saw Seth’s arms around me. Then she saw Embry. She looked shocked, but through her eyes you could see that she was pleased. I sighed, she was an idiot, no matter how smart.

            “Hey sleeping beauty, you wrecked the car.” I said sarcastically.

            “Shut up, Maya,” Adam retorted.

            “Excuse me? Did you just tell me to shut up?” I frowned, “Nobody tells me to shut up. You should know this. You’ve been dating my sister for how long?” I glared at him. “I have people that can take your smart butt down.”

            Seth burst out laughing. He ran a hand along my neck and buried his face in my hair to muffle his laughter. “That’s my girl,” He whispered in my ear.

            Adam huffed like a little girl. “Maya, be nice. Adam is just worried.” Mia should be a mediator or councilor or something along those lines when she ‘grows up’.

            It was Renesmee’s turn to talk. “Hey Mia and Maya, I’m happy you two are okay.” She gave a polite smile, and rested her hands on her swollen belly. In movements so microscopic you almost couldn’t see them, she edged toward Jacob.

            Adam’s eyes went wide. I could say it was probably because she was pregnant, but that would be a lie. (Half the girls at our school had issues getting their children into the school’s daycare center.) Renesmee was beautiful with her pretty bronze ringlets and her chocolate brown eyes. She stuck out in the crowd with her pale skin, too.

            “So, Renesmee, did Carlisle say they could go home yet?” Seth asked.

            “Carlisle said you would be fine to go home as soon as Mia woke up. So you should be free to go very soon.” She grinned at us.

            “Thank god, this is an uncomfortable bed.” Mia and I said simultaneously. I giggled.

            “And I can take my hot native with me.” I laughed again and glanced at Seth, who was gazing at me with humor. I felt his hot arm slide around my waist, pulling me closer. Liv and Mandy were failing to hold in their laughter.

            The door opened again, and my parents stepped in. With Andrew right behind them. I froze. Not because my parents saw me wrapped in Seth’s arms, but because Andrew was glaring at him. He had no right to glare, he cheated on me. I was just busy moving on with my life, while he apparently thought I was still his play toy.

            “Maya, look who was standing in the hall.” My mother smiled kindly.

            “I knew he was out there. He was banned from coming in.” I replied in a stony voice.

            “Why would you do that? I thought you two were dating?” My father was stupid when it came to us girls.

            “No, dad, just make him leave.” I glared.

            “Maya, I just want to talk.” Andrew said

            “No. Get. Out,” I told him slowly so he could understand.

            “Maya-” He started

            “Get Out!” I shrieked. He looked stunned, but he turned slowly and walked out of the room. Everybody else in the room went silent. “Mom, Dad, just go outside and wait for us. Dr. Cullen will be back to release us in a few minutes. Just go,” I waved them away. Everybody was staring at me as soon as they left. “Okay, so now you’ve all seen my crazy side. It was bound to happen at some point.” I stood up on the bed and jumped off the edge. I stumbled my first few steps to the door, but I fixed my stride.

            As if on cue, Dr. Cullen walked in before I got to the door. He glanced at me and nodded to Mia. “Mia, I’ll be right back. I’m just going to talk to your sister real quick.”

            “Okay,” She looked worried now. I hoped it was worry for me.

            I walked into the hall with Dr. Carlisle following me. I sunk to the floor and he got down in front of my. “Sorry, I couldn’t stay in the room much longer.”

            “It’s perfectly fine, Maya.” He grinned at me.

            “So doc, what’d you have to tell me?”

            “Nothing, I just wanted to know whether or not you wanted your Seth.”

            “My Seth?” I asked

            “I’m talking about the manner you and him revolve around each other. It’s like gravity pulls you together.”

Hmm, I guess he was right. My world has revolved around Seth since we’ve been here and I did want him right now. “Yeah, could you send him out?”

            “Yes, I’ll send him right out.”


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