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Chapter 0: Maya's POV


Do I love him? Or is it hate? `I thought, as he stared me down waiting for the answer I didn't have.


"So? Whats your choice?" He pressed


"I- I just, " I couldn't finish that thought. I didn't know what I thought. How did I feel about him? I certainly had no idea. "I don't know."


"Well, until you do, I'm gone." He walked away leaving me in the rain, in the middle of the wood.


"I love you." I whispered when he was already out of sight.



Mia's POV


How could I let this happen? How could I fall for him?


“Please, I can’t stand your silence.” He begged.


 “Just go away! I hate you! I can’t stand you, but you keep coming back.” Worst lie of my life.


He backed away slowly towards the wood, shaking uncontrollably. Then turned around and ran.


“I hate lying.” I told myself


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Here's the link for the Nessie story to go with it:

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I think I'm going to make a Nessie Story to go with this!

P.S. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!
post more soon plzz
I willl!!!!!

Chapter 10- And the world explodes.

Mia’s POV


            “I think your sister is crazy.” Adam said.

            I slapped his neck. “No she is not. She just doesn’t like that Adam is here.”

            “Then I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned this trip to him. I thought he could redeem himself, even if Maya already has a boyfriend.” He looked pointedly at Seth, ignoring everybody else in the room.

            Seth looked like he was about to growl but Dr. Cullen walked in. “Hello Mia.” He flashed a dazzling grin my way. “I read your chart and it looks like you’re doing fine. You’re free to leave.” He turned and looked at Seth. “Maya wants you.”

            He nodded, stood and left. Dr. Cullen followed him out shortly after checking my blood pressure and what not.

            Luckily, I was wearing an outfit similar to Maya’s. I looked at Renesmee, “Do I have to leave the hospital in a wheel chair?”

            She deliberated, “Yeah, anybody that has been here for over a day has to.”

            “Darn,” I stood up, gripping Adam’s hand tightly and ignoring Embry’s sad stare. “Well, I’m leaving now. Where’s the nearest wheel chair?” I asked sarcastically.

            “I’ll get it.” She walked out of the room faster than humanly possible and was back in a record amount of time. I had no idea how she moved so fast when she was as pregnant as she was. In fact, she was a little bigger than yesterday, but only by half an inch or so. Either she had twins or her baby grew fast.

            “Thanks,” I plopped into the chair and looked up at Adam. “Push me outta here!”

            We were out of the hospital in minutes. Mom and Dad were waiting in a rental car, since we- I wrecked theirs. I had to sit on Adam’s lap on the ride home and Maya rode with Seth, Embry, Renesmee, and Jacob.  Our parents threw a fit about having to leave Andrew, but he blew it off and said he’d just get a hotel room. (The only hotel for miles was a roach motel. Eww.) So he was staying in Port Angeles, over an hour away. Maya was super happy about it though. She said it was better that he didn’t disturb her “studies”.

            “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.” I complained quietly to Adam as we got out of the car.

            Maya and Seth got out of the other car before it pulled out swiftly. They met half way with Mandy and Liv and headed up to Maya’s room to hang out. I went up to my room with Adam.

            As soon as the door closed he pressed his lips against mine, stirring lost feelings. “I’ve missed you so much,” He told me.

            “I’ve missed you too. I’m happy you came to see me.”

            “Me too. And we’ll be here until the day before Christmas Eve.” He kissed me again and pulled away. “I got you a present.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. Attached to it was a pendant with a light blue Lindy’s star surrounded by darker lapis lazuli. It was beautiful.

            “Oh my god, it’s beautiful.” I turned around and lifted my hair. “Can you put it on me?”

            “Of course,” Soon his hands were in front of me, putting the necklace around my neck.

I loved it! I loved that Adam bought me pretty things. I loved that I had woken up to see his face. I loved that he was here. The only thing I was upset about was that it hadn’t been his voice I had woken up to. It had been Embry’s- Embry’s wonderful, sweet, melodic voice.

Even worse, here I was in another man’s arms, dreaming of the one I couldn’t have. Embry had broken me. Of course it was wrong to blame someone else, but I was running out of options. Very soon I would hit rock bottom.

I could at least hope that rock bottom had some shiny rocks.

That sounded really shallow. I started giggling uncontrollably.

“What are you laughing at?” Adam asked.

“My inner thoughts,” I smiled and clutched his shirt tightly with my fingers. “So, I have an idea.”

He grinned and fiercely pressed his lips against mine.


            “Good Night,” I kissed him one last time before he headed downstairs to sleep on the couch. Mandy and Liv already had the guest bedroom so he had been exiled to the couch. I offered to let him sleep with me in my bed but he declined. I hadn’t seen Seth leave the house. So I either missed it while kissing Adam or he was still here.

            I wasn’t going to find out either way because I didn’t really care. I had other things to sort out. I closed my door tightly and walked over to my balcony. The night was silent and still. The black sky was nice. It made me feel safer to know that not everything was changing. “Some things never change,” I whispered to myself.

            A few minutes later I heard Maya and Seth talking, breaking the glorious silence. I really didn’t want to know what they were doing.

            Leaves rustled in the woods below. A dark snout poked out of a bush followed by the biggest emerald colored eyes I had ever seen. And they were so familiar.

            They were the eyes I had wanted to wake up to see.

            The rest of the sleek animal appeared. It was a wolf, I decided. A really big wolf. It was actually really cool despite the fact that it was the size of a car. It looked up at me on the balcony and stared for a minute. It turned its head back to look behind itself, before growling and disappearing.

            I was amazed.

            I left the balcony and changed into PJs. My bed was as soft and warm as ever. I’d had a good night and I was ready for it to end.

            Tomorrow I started school here, since we were ‘sick’ for our first day. I hoped there was a band class. Even better, I hoped Embry was there.

            I curled up on my side and sighed quietly. Maya and Seth were quiet now. The night was peaceful. Very soon I feel into a deep, deep sleep.

            That was the first night I dreamt of Embry Call.


(A/N. Haha, Sounds familiar right? But it was the perfect ending sentence for this chapter. J I hope you enjoyed it! I’m sorry it’s kinda short, but I like how I left it. Plus, I have to fit in Maya and Seth sometime. Tell me what you thought. (Sorry it took so long to post but I’ve been sick all week and my dog is dyingL) I love your comments! STOP SENDING ME FORWARDS PLEASE!!! Thanks!!)

Awsome :D
this is AH-mazing! :)

hahahaha! Nice line.

I loved it, Vasilia!


If Mia really likes Embry then y is she still with with Adam..

Yea i get it ..But didn't she say she didn't really care for Adam.

I bet i know who that wolf was..

Good Luck Embry  !!!

Lets face it, Mia is not the brightest crayon in the box.

She doesn't feel much for Adam but he's familiar and she knows him.

Yea thats is true..but

It already sounds like she loves him..but she is confused..I would be 2 !!

Hopefully he tells her soon..

It sounded to me like he was sad & i wouldn't want him upset.

She probably is in love with him with out being aware of it, esspecially since she met him a week before. So its really only natural.

I don't like seeing Embry upset either, but its nessasary for now :(

Yea they only just met..

but still so sad to read he's upset!! =(


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