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Chapter 0: Maya's POV


Do I love him? Or is it hate? `I thought, as he stared me down waiting for the answer I didn't have.


"So? Whats your choice?" He pressed


"I- I just, " I couldn't finish that thought. I didn't know what I thought. How did I feel about him? I certainly had no idea. "I don't know."


"Well, until you do, I'm gone." He walked away leaving me in the rain, in the middle of the wood.


"I love you." I whispered when he was already out of sight.



Mia's POV


How could I let this happen? How could I fall for him?


“Please, I can’t stand your silence.” He begged.


 “Just go away! I hate you! I can’t stand you, but you keep coming back.” Worst lie of my life.


He backed away slowly towards the wood, shaking uncontrollably. Then turned around and ran.


“I hate lying.” I told myself


(A/N: I'm going to post more of this soon. Comments and banners welcome. If you don't like this, then don't comment. You dont have to read it.

Here's the link for the Nessie story to go with it:

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I know :(

i hate writing about him being upset but it had to be done.

Not every Imprint falls in love immediately like Maya did.

lol i like the embry call- edward cullen connection you got there
thanks :)
awwww so sweet:p post more soon!!!!!
Hah awesome last line hmm where have I seen it ??
Thank you, Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
write more soon!
I will!

Chapter 11- Love you!

Maya’s POV


            I was so happy to have Mandy and Liv back. They were my best friends and I hope they stay that way, no matter the distance.

            It was sad to say that I was happy when they left my room. Finally I was alone with Seth. I just couldn’t kiss him with them in the room. And as soon as the door clicked closed, I turned to face him. He wound his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

            “I’ve been waiting all night to be alone.” I told him, my lips centimeters from his.

            “I know,” He pulled me tight against himself and crushed his lips to mine.

            “Mm,” I smiled against his lips. I put my arms around his neck and leaned in to deepen the kiss.

            “I’m so happy you’re alright,” Seth breathed, when I broke away to catch my breath.

            “I’m so happy you’re here.” I took one hand from the back of his neck and moved it to the edge of his shirt, pushing it up to expose some of his glorious chest.

            He moved his hand from the small of my back to take my hand. “No, not tonight.”

            “Please,” I gave him a puppy dog look that always worked. He looked conflicted. “Please, Seth. It’s not like I’m asking for much. I just want you to take your shirt off.”

            “Okay,” He groaned and pulled his shirt over his head.

            I giggled and put my hand on his arm. I leaned in slowly and whispered, “Did you know that you are really hot?”

            “Yup,” He smiled cockily and placed a kiss on my nose. “And you are beautiful.”

            “Thanks,” I leaned my head on his shoulder and kissed his neck. “So, hot stuff, what did I miss while I was out?”

            “Nothing important really. Emily found out she’s having a boy and Renesmee found out that she doesn’t like going to school while she’s pregnant.” He shrugged, “Nothing important.”

            “Are you going to school tomorrow?” I asked him.

            “It depends. Are you going?”

            “Only if you stay with me tonight,” I smiled playfully.

            “I don’t think your parents would like that,” He tried.

            “They don’t have to know,” I countered.

            “That’s true,”

            I groaned and gave up. If he wasn’t going to stay, I might as well take advantage of the time while he was here. I pushed back onto my pillows and leaned over him. I started kissing his jaw. “You’re mine tonight,” I told him.

            “Liar,” He pulled my close and rolled over so he was hanging over me. “You are mine.”

            I giggled and kissed him again. And again. He moved his hand to the edge of my shirt, pushing it up. I yanked it off and his lips met mine. “Just so we’re clear, this is all you get to see, for now.”

            “I’m fine with that and I’ve gotta say that I’m liking you from this angle.” He put his hand on my thigh and pulled my leg around his waist. Then started kissing my neck.

            I stopped breathing. I really liked Seth, a lot. I was falling for Seth. I loved Seth. My every thought was consumed by Seth. My Seth. Carlisle had called him, my Seth. I tensed.

            “What’s wrong?” He asked. His big, brown eyes were filled with concern and love.

            “I love you,” I blurted, letting out the breath I had been holding in.

            His expression softened, “I love you, too, Maya.”

            I relaxed in relief. I wasn’t afraid to tell him I loved him. I kissed him within the first hour I knew him. Why would I be afraid to say I loved him, especially since it was so obvious? I had been afraid that he’d reject me.

            “I’m tired. Are you staying tonight?” I asked, pulling my shirt back on.

            “Yes, I’ll stay.” He moved to grab his t-shirt. I reached it first and snatched it up.

            “You don’t need to wear this,” I threw it across the room. He just smiled and pulled me against him, placing a kiss on my neck.

            “Good night, Maya. I love you.”

            I had a strange feeling that he was going to say it every chance he got now. “Good night, Seth. I love you, too.” I snuggled into him and closed my eyes.

            I feel happily asleep with my Seth right next to me.


            When I woke up at 6 (blah) Seth wasn’t there. He had probably climbed down the tree that’s off to the side of my balcony as soon as I feel asleep. I stood up, being careful to make sure I didn’t fall, and walked across the hall to decide what I was going to wear for school. I heard the shower on but I ignored it, figuring it was Mia. I grabbed some skinny jeans, a black tank top, a fitted v-neck t shirt that was light pink, and a zip up hoodie. I walked into the bathroom to ask Mia a question.

            “Hey, are you almost done?” I asked, setting done my outfit on the sink.

            An all too familiar laugh came from behind the shower curtain. I flushed and gave a mental “Uh Oh.” Seth’s face poked out. “Yeah, I’m almost done.” He gave me a cute smirk, “Unless you want to get in here with me.”

            I laughed, “Ha, that’s not happening!” I pulled two towels out from under the sink and hung one next to the tub for him. “Come get me when you’re done.” I rolled my eyes before walking out.

            Instead of going back to my room, I went to Mia’s. She was still dead asleep. I threw a pillow at her. She just raised her head off the pillow and glared at me with sleepy eyes. “What?” She whined.

            “Are you getting up for school?” I asked her.

            “I’ll get up after you take a shower.”

            “Well, that might be awhile, because I can hear Seth singing in there right now.” I smiled. I really could hear him and god, was it bad. You just can’t ruin a good song like that (Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns and Roses).

            She made her bubble-eyed fish face. “Seth stayed here? If dad finds out he’s going to have your head.”

            “He won’t find out because 1) I know how to get him safely out of the house and 2) He’s either at work or still asleep right now. We don’t have a problem.” I rolled my eyes again.

            I heard the water turn off and the singing stop. Mia gave me a long hard look, “Shower fast, I’m not going to school with wet hair.”

            I crossed back over to my room where I found Seth shaking his hair out like a dog. On the bright side, he hadn’t put a shirt back on yet. “Hey, hot stuff. Are you done yet?” I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. I leaned my cheek against his back while I waited for his answer.

            “Yes,” He chuckled. “I gotta go home before school and get some clean clothes, alright?” He turned around to face me.

            “Okay, I’ll see you at school.” I tilted my face up and waited.

            “I love you,” He pressed his lips to mine softly before pulling away.

            “I know,” I smiled at him. “You’re going to have to climb down the tree so you don’t get caught.”

            “I can handle that,” He grinned at me and turned toward the balcony. I watched him open the door and walk out before I went to take a shower.


            Liv and Mandy had breakfast set out for us when we got down stairs- “Breakfast” being cereal and milk. After forcing down the cereal and the nervousness of this being our first day, they shoved us out the door. We had to walk since the car we were using was in the shop. I really wanted my car back.

            When we finally got there I had come to the conclusion that I should have worn tennis shoes, not flats. And thank god, Seth was waiting next to the office door. I sighed when we finally got to him.

            “You drove didn’t you?” I asked suspiciously.

            “Yup,” He gave me a cute little boy smile.

            “You shuck. Didn’t you see us trudge up here?”

            “Yes, it was cute.” Okay, he had me there. How could you trudge cutely?

            “You still suck Hot stuff.” I put an arm around his waist. “Are you coming with us into the office or do you have to go to class?”

            “I believe I can escort you to the office.” He held out his arm and I stuck mine through it. I looked back at Mia and held my other arm out for her. She took it and we proceeded down the hall.

            My first thought when people started staring was “I hate school.”


(Sorry it took so long!.... Did it take long? Idk… Anyways, nothing much happened in this chapter and I think it’s kind of short. But, what do you think? I love your comments! STOP SENDING ME FORWARDS, PLEASE!!!! I swear, the next person that does is getting a bunch of Newborns sent after them. Though most people would like it if they were just bitten…. Okay then. :D )

Love it!! Write more SOON see i even bolded it to prove how faster I want more XD
hahaha, thanks :)
Awesome! :)


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