The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 0: Maya's POV


Do I love him? Or is it hate? `I thought, as he stared me down waiting for the answer I didn't have.


"So? Whats your choice?" He pressed


"I- I just, " I couldn't finish that thought. I didn't know what I thought. How did I feel about him? I certainly had no idea. "I don't know."


"Well, until you do, I'm gone." He walked away leaving me in the rain, in the middle of the wood.


"I love you." I whispered when he was already out of sight.



Mia's POV


How could I let this happen? How could I fall for him?


“Please, I can’t stand your silence.” He begged.


 “Just go away! I hate you! I can’t stand you, but you keep coming back.” Worst lie of my life.


He backed away slowly towards the wood, shaking uncontrollably. Then turned around and ran.


“I hate lying.” I told myself


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Chapter 8- Hangin with Quileutes

Mia’s POV


            Maya was so content in her little fairy tale land with Seth. It was good for her to be happy but it wasn’t fair that my boyfriend was across the country and the guy I was crushing on was too far out of my reach.

            My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out. The screen flashed and I saw that I had a call, from Adam. My thoughts had summoned him! I laughed out loud.

            “Hello,” I was bursting with excitement.

            “Hey babe,” Adam greeted.

            “Adam! I miss you,” I squealed. “Are you coming down?”

            “That’s what I was calling to tell you. We got off school yesterday, I dipped into my savings to buy a plane ticket and I’ll be there in a few hours.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

            “Omygodthatissoexciting! I-” breath, “can’t-” breath, “Wait!!!” I squealed and jumped up and down. Seth and Maya gave me weird looks and were about to stop but I waved them on and mouthed “I’ll be there in a minute.”

            “Okay, Emily’s house is just over that hill.” Seth pointed and left with Maya on his back.

            “Who was that?” He asked, not bothering to hide his jealousy.

            “That was Maya’s new boyfriend: Seth. We are going to hang out with him and some of his friends.” I was still excited.

            “Why are you going over to their house? Why can’t you stay at your own?”

            “What do you mean? I have to get out of the house at some point and my parents would never let all them people come over.”

            “What do you plan on doing with them?” He sounded jealous and possessive.

            “Hanging out then eating lunch. What else would I do?” And then I realized how stupid I sounded. “Adam, you think I’m cheating on you? You should know I would never-”

            He cut me off, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed anything.” He sounded sincere. “So Maya already has a new boyfriend? That’s interesting.”

            “Oh no. What’d you do? Or better- who did you invite?”

“Oh, just two somebody’s that will love to hear about it.” I could hear their giggling.

“No way, Maya will freak.”

“I know, I’m the best.”

“Yes you are. I gotta go, I’ll pick you up from the airport tonight. Okay?”

“Deal, see you later babe.”

“Bye.” I hung up. That call had defiantly lifted my spirits, and it will mostly make Maya freak out too. But I didn’t plan on telling her just yet. I wanted it to be a surprise. I trekked up the hill quickly, not wanting to make them wait.

Maya was waiting for me at the door. “So, what did Adam have to say?”

“He’s on a plane and coming to visit.” I smiled.

“You do know that we start school tomorrow and get off on Thursday, right?” She asked me

“Crap, I completely forgot.” I mumbled.

“We’ll figure it out. Let’s just go inside.” She opened the door and walked in like she owned the place. I followed, awkwardly. “Hey Emily. This is my sister, Mia.” I gave a pretty woman, who was glancing at me sideways, a little wave.

She had long dark hair, and russet skin, like most of the other people around here. Her belly was swollen to the point where it looked like it was about to pop. She was hunched over a bowl full of something. When Maya introduced me, she turned toward me. I was extremely shocked. Across the entire right side of her face, were three scars extending from her temple to the tip of her fingers. I worked to keep my mouth shut and off the floor.

“Hello,” She said kindly.

“Hi,” I was trying not to be rude and stare.

“Would you like a muffin? I just made them.” She held up a plate of cat sized muffins. “You better take one before the others get here. They can be pigs.” She smiled, like she was holding back a laugh.

“Thank you,” I took a monstrous muffin and bit a little off. It was banana nut and unbelievably delicious. My eyes were wide when I not-so-jokingly said, “Oh my God, I think I just tasted heaven.”

“Thank you.” Emily gave me a smile that made her scar scrunch up and seem to disappear.

“Emily is an awesome cook and I hope she has food for me.” Seth sauntered in from what I assumed was the living room. He took two muffins and ate one in three bites.

“Wow, how’d you do that?” I asked in amazment

“Do what?” He asked with his mouth full of muffin.

“Eat it that fast.” He was reaching for another.

“I’m a growing boy, I guess I have to eat.” It was a lame excuse. No other sixteen year old boy I know could do that.

“How can you still be growing? You’re like seven feet tall.”

He swallowed and gave me a smile followed by the best answer ever, “Magic.” He laughed.

“I’m not complaining.” Maya said as she stood up on a chair behind Seth, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his temple. “It just sucks that I’m short.”

Seth set down his muffin and grabbed her hands, swinging her around so he held her against his body. “You’re not that short. Just wait until you meet Quil’s friend: Claire.”

Emily seemed to think that was funny. As she laughed about five more people walked in. Four of them were tall, dark haired, and russet skinned. One was bigger than all the others and he stood next to the palest person I’ve seen here. Despite her paleness, she was very beautiful. Bronze ringlets hung around her angelic face and big brown eyes looked at us with utter enthusiasm. She was small compared to all the big guys around her. One hand cradled her slightly swollen belly and the other held the really tall guy’s hand.

My first thought was: Wow, I guess everybody here is pregnant, Maya is

probably next. Then, I put the pieces of the puzzle together. Before I could stop

myself, I blurted, “You’re Renesmee Cullen.”

She looked at me with an odd look. “How did you know that?”

“Jared and Embry were talking about it.” I just kept talking.

“When were you with Jared and Embry?” Maya asked

“At the store yesterday, I couldn’t reach the cereal, so Embry got it down for me.” I shrugged and wished I had duct tape.

“Well, that makes sense.” Renesmee said in her bell like voice. “So how did you know it was me.”

“Jared said you were pregnant and dating Jacob. So I figured he wouldn’t have known that unless Jacob was in his close circle of friends and, I assume its Jacob’s hand you’re holding and I’m going to shut up now.”

She stepped away from the big people and started circling me. “You’re observant.”

“And you’re making this more awkward for me than it already is.” That earned a few laughs as I cringed under her piercing stare.

“Sorry,” She went back to the crowd.

And god bless him, Seth stepped in to introduce the people. “Okay, this is Jacob Black, Renesmee Cullen, Paul, Collin, and Brady. Sam, Jared and Embry should be here any minute and the rest of the Cullens might come over later.” Sure enough, Embry, Jared and a guy I assume was Sam walked in the door seconds later. “Oh good, everybody will be here when I introduce, Maya and Mia.” Seth looked at Maya with affection when he said her name.

After a few laughing comment about Seth and Maya, I decided to speak, “So this is fun, but I’m hungry. Towards the food we go?”

Renesmee was the first one to step forward, “Aye.”


            We all became fast friends. The guys could’ve been brothers from how well they knew each other. They picked on Seth and Maya a little more until she scored the winning point by starting to make out with him.

            Quil and his little friend Claire came by before Claire’s nap time to eat and socialize. It was almost weird having a five year old there. Quil took her upstairs to nap after an hour or so.

            Renesmee and I became good friends in a short time. We had way too much in common to not have been separated at birth. She was incredibly smart and funny, which you honestly never expect of a pregnant girl.

            When I asked how old she was she said, “Seven- teen” She seemed startled and repeated, “Seventeen” for good measure.

            “That’s way too young to have a baby. Most girls wouldn’t be ready.” I commented, measuring her reaction.

            “I’m ready, I’ve been ready. If my mom can have me at 18 I can have my baby at seventeen. Plus, Jacob will be a great father, no matter what.” She had complete confidence in him. That was undeniable. She wasn’t nervous. If she was, she hid it good.  I was really starting to like her.

            Around seven my phone buzzed. It was Adam. “Oh crap.” I mumbled. “Maya! We have to go! I have a surprise for you!” I grabbed my coat, quickly hugged Renesmee goodbye, told everybody else goodbye, and walked out with Maya in tow as she called to Seth, “Call me!”

            I heard laughter erupt from the house, while we ran for our house. It was only five minutes away from Emily’s. Maya ran inside to get the car keys while I called Adam back.

            “Hello?” He sounded irritated.

            “I’m so sorry! I met a new person and got caught up in talking with her. We are on our way right now! I promise!” I squeaked into the phone.

            “Calm down, babe. We are just waiting. We’ll be waiting when you get here.” Adam reassured

            “Okay, I’m calming down.” I started the car with the phone still held up to my ear. “We are coming.”

            I drove over the speed limit the entire time, while still talking to Adam. I was going way too fast around the curves of the roads. I didn’t see the car coming the other way on the narrow road and I wasn’t paying attention.

            That’s when the car struck us.

            Too many things happened at once: The front of the car seemed to crumple in on itself. We went spinning toward the wall and when we impacted Maya hit her head of the window. The airbag erupted from the steering wheel and I blacked out.


(Hey people! I’m so sorry, but I had to do this. The story needed a twist. I hope they’re okay. So what’d you think? Comments appreciated! Banners welcome! PLEASE STOP SENDING ME FORWARDS!! Thanks for reading!)

come on u cant end it there u bully more plzzz

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wow that certainly was a big TWIST and when u here about nessie being pregnant at seventeen it sounds crazy when it's not from her point of view (or is it just me lol) but anyway this is really gudd

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I guess it is crazy.

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