The Twilight Saga

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This story takes place in Forks,
Bella is 15 yrs old, she moved to Forks when she was 13

At the age of 7 Bella was kidnapped, she was found after 2wks, of searching, nobody knows what happened in thoughts, 2wks her kidnappers were never found and Bella never speaks a word to anybody about it, She just deals with her problems by eating, she is now very over weight and has a very low self esteem.

Bella's mother and father separated 12mths after she was kidnapped,Renee her mother could not handle the stress of her daughter not talking about what happened, so Bella lives with her father charlie, Renee lives in Australia and is very rich.

Bella's best friend is Edward, who Bella is madly head over heels in love with as well as every other girl in forks, Edward is very protective of Bella and is always sticking up for her when the other kids at school tease her, Bella doesn't really understands why Edward is like this, but never questions his motives, but when a new girl arrives at forks things change, everything starts to take a dramatic turn for Bella and life as she knows it, just isn't the same,

why-me- chapter 1.

why-me-chapter 2.

why-me-chapter 3.

why-me- chapter 4.

why-me-chapter 5.

why-me-chapter 6.

why-me-chapter 7

why-me-chapter 8.

why-me-chapter 9.

why-me-chapter 10.

why-me-chapter 11.

why-me-chapter 12.


why-me- chapter 14.

why-me-chapter 15.

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hello??????? do you think that you are going to conutinue writing

i really wish that you would update this is like one of my very favorites

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! update soon or atlest let us know you arent going to conutinue

hello?????? its like you abondened your story i love this and i really wish that you would update or atleast reply to the commments!!!! please update/reply i really hope you are not quiting your writing!

Hi there [smiles and waves shyly]
sorry that l haven't updated my story WHY ME, but l'm really sick l suffer from Epilepsy and l'm not doing to good at the moment, l'm actually in hospital, cause they are finding it hard to control my seizures, so l'm sorry you are having to wait, but l promise once l'm well enough l will update, thanks for your patience

lots of love Bells
i am sooooooooo sorry i was like freaking out on you haha i really hope that you get well soon dont worry bout us we will all be waiting for you to return healthy! i hope you get well soon!!!

Like i said before i really hope you get better :)
i hope that you feel better soon i am SO SORRY that you have to go through all of that

hope everything is getting better :) and that they have everything under control now! I am sooooo sorry you have to deal with all that! FEEL BETTER SOON! so then you can come back to us! haha

cant wait till your better
hope everything is getting better

we love you and cant wait tell you feel better! i love your story and cant wait till you are fully recovered and at your best!!!!

Chapter 15 Edwards Point Of View

Tanya has been driving me crazy, she is like a slimy leech that just will not detach herself from me it is making my skin crawl, l need a plan and, l need one fast. As l see her bouncing towards me, squirting some mouth spray into her mouth wearing one of her ridiculous outfits, flapping her arms in the air and squealing my name, l quickly turn away and start to walk to my first class of the day, Tanya not letting up only squeals my name louder screwing up my face l cringe, my body distinctively shudders and my skin starts to crawl. People are looking at her and shaking there heads, Tanya being completely oblivious and far to vain, thinks all the snickers and head shaking are people just being jealous of her, when truly they think she is the most loopiest, weird, pathetic chick ever to walk the halls of Forks high.

As she approaches me, an idea pops into my head and l snicker to myself. Tanya quickly catches up to me l feel her behind me as she slides her hands around my waist pulling at me to a stop, l turn around and let out a little growl of frustration, Tanya being Tanya thinks by me growling she has turned me on oh if only she new how wrong she was. I turn towards her and take the opportunity to play out my little genius idea. I Turn around and grab Tanya into a huge hug, at first she is totally taken by surprise, but then she takes full advantage of the situation and wraps her arms around my neck, and throws her legs around my waist PERFECT. I quickly le go of her and she drops flat on her arse on the ground, l can hear little snickers and giggles coming from people around me, Tanya looks up with tears in her eyes. l look down at her and offer my hand to help her up, she takes it and brings herself up, so she is standing right in front of me, l smile at her and say in a very quiet vice so nobody can hear

‘Sorry Sweaty but, my god you stink, the smell kind of caught me off guard, have you put any deodorant on today, l don’t mean to sound rude, but you really smell kind of gross’ Tanya truly looked taken back by my statement and quickly lifted one arm up and leant her nose down to smell her armpit ahhhhhhhhh disgusting. She looked back up at me, confused, she brought her face up to my ear and whispered

‘Really Eddie, do l really smell that bad, because l can’t smell anything, l mean l did put some deodorant on today, honestly I did’ she removed herself from my ear and looked at me with an innocent face, ahhhhhhhh l had her, now to put the plan into motion

‘Tanya I’m no lying when l say you smell, you probably can’t notice it yourself cause your so use to the way you smell, but please for your own good listen to me when l say, you smell like you have been rolling around in a pig stye, have I ever lied to you’ l look at her with a concerned face.

‘No Eddie you never lie and l believe you, but what do I do about it’ a smile comes to my face and l give her a little wink as l lean down and whisper in her ear

‘Lots and lots of perfume probably a couple of different varieties and deodorant, and when you think you have enough on l suggest you put more on, just to be safe, maybe even try using a perfumed powder as well, and if I was you I would skip my next class until you can come back smelling nicer’

‘Your so right Eddie, I’m going right now and when l come back I’ll be the best smelling girl in this school, the guys will not know what hit them’ she giggled and clapped her hands together and took off in the direction of the car park. Ha l’m one sick bast**d, the guys definitely will not know what hit them, Tanya is going to be avoided like the plague, one wif and she’ll give anybody an instant head ache, GOAL ACHIEVED………………………


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