The Twilight Saga

the lovely Vannessa made this awsome Bannner for me, yay!! I love it!! thanks agian Vannessa!!!



My name is Bella Swan. And my life is a big bad screw up. I don't know why this happened to me...I don't know why my life is just a big clumsy peice of dump. I don't know why I ever thought anyone ever really cared about me.



He grabbed my arms and pulled the jacket sleeves up and seen everthing. I feel naked and exposed, as if someone just stripped me and put me in front of a camera.

Edward gasped. I looked at his face, he was very frightened.

Then he hugged me tight, "I'm so sorry" he said.

He started sobbing quiety, which made me start to cry and I just hugged him thight as if I were never going to see him again and sobbed in his chest.


I want to see what people think about this and let me know if you want me to write more.

i don't want to write if noones going to be reading it.







CHAPTER-4 part 2











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Bella looked so gorgeous; it was hard for me to not say anything.
“You look great Bella!” I said to her
Then her cheeks started to get redder, she looks so cute when she blushes.
“Thanks!” she said low
I smiled at her and got up and walked over to her. “Come on, I have something to show you!” I said and grabbed her hand. Then we walked out and went to my car and I drove off.
I figured out that I am going to tell Bella what I am. I know it’s too early to tell her, but she needs to know and I want her to know.
“Where are we going?” she asked
“It’s a surprise!” I said and winked at her
She blushed and turned her head quickly and looked out the window. I just chuckled.
“What time do you have to be home?” I asked
“9 o’ clock, why?” she asked trying to get hints out of me
I smiled at her and just said, “Just wondering!”
It was only 5:30 so that leaves us some time to our selves
**** 30 minutes later *****
I pulled up to the side of the forest, there’s nothing ahead of us and just street behind us.
“What is this place?” Bella asked sounding a little scared
I didn’t answer her, just smiled and got out the car and went to open hers. She got out and looked around.
“This way!” I said I grabbed her hand and walked her inside the forest; we walked dodging all the branches and bushes.
On our way up to the place I want to show her, I soon found out that she is very clumsy.
Finally after a very long walk, we reached the place. There were no clouds up here, so I stayed in the shadows and watched Bella walked to the middle of the meadow and turn in a few circles looking at the flowers and the clear sunny sky. She stood still, looked up and closed her eyes; it looked like she was taking in the sun. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me hiding in the shadows and walked over to me.
“Aren’t you going to come?” she asked
She was standing a couple of feet away from me; she was standing in the sun while I was standing in the shade.
“Yes. But I have to tell you something first.” I told her
All she did was sit down in front of me. So I did the same, sit in front of her.
“I’m listening.” She said


Okay, theres Chapter 10, I was going to write more, but I wanted to see what everyone thought!! :) hopefully you all like it!! let me know! :)


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I loved it!!!!
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WRITE MORE! I wanna see what happens.

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