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Hi my names is Arianna Summers.And my life officially sucks now.Im being forced to move to Washington from my beautiful home in Tennessee.Why?Because some idiot sold my parents house before I could get there and stop it.A year ago my parents were murdered,and I didnt know about until a month ago.Ive been in Australia for the past three months for my surfing competitions and training.Since their isnt any oceans around Tennessee,Im away from home alot.When I got home last month,I went to my house and find that it has crime scene tape all around it.At first I thought it was some joke because my brother Aidan loved pulling pranks on me.I spent an hour looking for my family and walked over to my neighbors house.Saying that they were suprised to see me was an understatement.Mrs.Tanner looked like she seen a ghost and her kid wasnt much better.I asked her if she had seen my brother or my parents and she got real angry all of a sudden.She yelled some un-nice things and asked why I was caring now?Honestly I had no idea what she was talking about.Anyone who knew me,knew I loved my family.So I find out my parents have been murdered and my brother is missing.Which is really hard to believe,considering that a family of were-cats are hard to kill.Yep I said were-cats.My parents were and my brother was close to changing,but I never thought I would change.Sadness triggers a cats change.I was always a happy go lucky kid,so no one in my family thought I would change.But being told that your family's dead or missing puts a damper in anyones mood.Now im sitting on a plane on my way to Washington.


Arianna Summers

Black Jaguar shifter

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Jacob Black


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I like it
the next chapter will be up in a day or two,im writing it in between homework and doing some stuff for a project

"Gimme the beat boys to free my soul,i wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away"was what i woke up to the next morning.I love my Ipod.It had some of the most awesome songs.I walked downstairs in cool elmo pajamas(I know awesome right?) and into the kitchen.I opened the fridge and got out ham,sausage,and a couple eggs.Im missing something........Bacon!I raided the fridge looking for a pack of bacon and found none.-Insert sad face here-

WereCats dont have to eat constantly or large amounts of food like wolves and other animals do.We only have to eat 3 or 4 times a week.One meal can last us 2 days if we push it.When we do eat,its usually mostly meat.Okay now that our little cat lesson is over for today lets get back to the sotry shall we?

After my attempt at cooking a ham and sausage,and still baconess-Sad Face: =(- Omlete(which failed miserbaly might i add)I went upstairs and grabbed my black and white bikini and one of my new boards.I stuffed some stuff in one of my bags and went out to my car,and stuff it all in the back.I still love my car.Now to find a beach.

-1 hour later-

Oh my god how hard can it be to find a god dang beach?!?!

-30 minutes later-

Again,I tried to find a beach,and I failed miserably.Okay I give up.I guess I'll have to ask someone....I really dont wanna.I saw two tall,tan,peoples and I pulled over beside them."Hey,you peeps know where the nearest beach is?"One of the dudes looked at me and shrugged."First Beach is about 5 minutes back that way."HE said and I got this dumb look on my face.So basicly I had drove past it over and over again.How smart am I?I thanked the dudes and went to the beach!

AN-sorry its short,the next one will be longer I promise and guess who she meets in the next chapter?





Wild Waves Elmo Set1

Wild Waves BEach1

Getting more intriguing with each chapter!   Write on!!  [ But try to write black on white or vice versa -- I can't read the purple on charcoal without really straining.  I don't want to miss the mood of the story while I'm struggling to even READ it /cause of the colors.  Can't wait 'till you post agai!!
okays ill do that.
funny i love it cant wait for your next update


Lol that's funny that your brother would name his car!!! Sorry!!

lol my bro is weird

thanks for yall comments


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