The Twilight Saga

In this story, Edward is a member of the Volturi and Bella lives in Forks as a human. When Bella discovers that her best friend is a vampire, she isn't sure she can take much more shock, but then something happens that will lead to a life-changing series of events which will intertwine her and Edward's fate...

Chapter 1

They were closing in on us, cloaked in black robes that draped to the cold floor. I could see their faces under their dark hoods, though the sky was pitch-black, thanks to my vampire-enhanced vision. I clung to my mother, protecting her, and she cowered into my shoulder. I had come this far with her, I wasn't about to lose her.

I had heard of them, of course. The Volturi, guardians of the vampire's secret. The body of the man my mother had just killed was lying on the cobbled street beside us, his still flowing blood calling to me, but I knew that now was not the time. One of them stepped forward, a girl of about fifteen, with blonde hair and ruby eyes.

"You know of the law, I presume?" she asked tonelessly. I could hear her thoughts running through her mind. She was desperate to use her deadly power on us, to see us writhe in pain as she looked upon our tortured faces. I nodded, knowing not to make her agitated. "I was not speaking to you," she snapped, and her head whipped in my mother's direction.

My mother was quite old for a vampire, though the transformation didn't make her look so. She had bronze hair that went to her shoulders and a kind face, which was contorted with fear under the merciless girl's gaze. She nodded hurridly, and I knew what was coming next.

With blinding speed, I threw myself in front of her and took a defensive stance, ready to fight to the death to protect her. I growled menacingly, but the faces of the Volturi were unfazed. The girl blinked and I was on the ground, pain ripping through my body, worse than the transformation. I faintly heard my mother gasp, but it was all I could do to not fall apart at the ferocity of the agony. I screamed and writhed, begging madly for it to stop.

And then it was over, as quickly as it had started. I lay there for a moment to get over my shock, then got shakily to my feet.

"I'll do anything," I said rashly. "Anything to protect her."

The girl, who was called Jane, according to her twin's thoughts, looked me up and down as if she were buying a horse. Her expression remained unchanged, but her thoughts showed her consideration. She wondered if I had any powers beyond that of a normal vampire, and I knew this my be my only chance.

"Yes, I do. I can read minds." Jane and the three other Volturi looked a little shocked at my proclomation, but they had seen it before; their leader, Aro, could read minds as well.

"We will bring him to see Aro, and see what he thinks," Jane concluded, and I sighed with relief. I held my mothers hand as we made our way up to the castle and I could feel her shaking slightly. We had been through a lot together.

Ten years ago, I had been attacked by a vampire who spared my life and allowed the change to happen. My father had recently passed away and it devestated my mother to have her only son gone, too. After a few years, when I had gained control, I returned to my home and changed my mother so that she wouldn't have to be alone. We had been nomad vampires ever since.

And now we were trapped. We were led into a large circular marble room and the four vampires removed their hoods at the sight of their three elders. Jane walked up to him and put her hand in Aro's, and a flood of thoughts and images rushed through his head, Jane's thoughts. He saw what had happened in the alley and thanked her. She walked back to stand next to her brother and Aro looked at me.

"So, we share some gifts," he said simply, his posture calm and unrevealing. His thooughts, however, revealed how intrigued he really was. "And you wish to protect your mother. Well, I have a solution that will work very well for the both of us. You join us, help us protect the law, and we spare your mother."

"Done," I said immediately, and I felt my mother's hand tighten on mine. I gazed at her frantic expression and heard her desperate thoughts. She didn't trust the Volturi, she didn't want me to be a part of this.

"I'll do whatever I have to to keep you safe," I told her firmly, and she knew that there was no convincing me.

I turned back to Aro and saw him motion to a woman standing beside him. She gazed at me intently and I only had a split-second warning from her thoughts before she used her power on me.

I saw sense in the world. Of course joining the Volturi was the right thing to do! Who cared about my mother, she didn't matter. She had broken the law, killing her was the right thing to do. Aro knew what was best. I began to forget my past, focus on the future that I could have with the Volturi. I would be powerful, more powerful than any vampire who thought otherwise. I felt myself slipping away, and I looked on proudly as they tore apart my mother, making things right once again.

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new reader
luv ur story
its amazing!
i love it sooooooooooo much i dont know how you do it
Edward is out of the Volturi

This is like awesome
great job once again
please keep me updated

AWWW HE'S THERE!! ok here we go my fave part ROMANCE!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHH

I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 6 Continued

His mouth pulled up at the corners into a half-smile that almost stopped my burning heart. Had he done this to me?

"Who are you?" I managed to choke out through the flames. I twisted my head away from his hand reluctantly - his cold skin felt so good.

He looked hurt when i did that and slowly lowered his hand. "My name is Edward," he explained.

I let out a cry of pain as fresh flames raged my body. Edward's face was tortured, as if he felt it too, but I honestly didn't care. "What's happening to me?!?!" I demanded, writhing on the hard surface. Edward's hands gently but securely held me to the table, his iron strength impossible to fight. It felt as if an electric current was running from him to me, not painful like the fire that his cold hands quenched, but more...exhilarating.

I shook my head to clear it of such stupid thoughts. Of course he doesn't want to help you, I told myself. He's a vampire, they try to charm you into trusting them! But I couldn't ignore the feelings I had for him much longer, especially since the pain had weakened my will.

"You're changing, Bella," he explained gently. Did he mean to make his voice sound seductive? He chuckled as if he could read my mind and I felt myself blush deeply. "You're being transformed into a vampire." It was then that I noticed something different about him. His eyes, ruby red before, were now amber-colored.

"I switched my diet," he explained. "Oh, and by the way, I can read minds." I could tell he was trying not to smile at the shocked expression on my face. "It's getting harder to read yours, though, with each passing second," he noted, his face confused.

"Why didn't you kill me?" I asked, my voice strained from the pain. I had to concentrate to be able to listen to him; the pain was fogging my mind, making it hard to think about anything but the flames.

He sighed, and it was a while before he answered. "I'm not exactly sure...maybe it was just my moral catching up with me." He sighed again and took his hands off me, drumming his fingers on the table in thought.

"Don't," I said without thinking, "the cold feels good." He looked confused for a moment, then cautiously placed his hand on the side of my face again, the other resting on my stomach. I leaned my face into his palm and closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on the iciness of his skin. We sat there for a while in silence except for an occasional whimper from me due to the pain.

"So if you know why you saved me, then is that the same reason you're still here?" I asked after a while.

"Yes and no," he replied. "I saved you for two reasons, though I only told you one because, well, I guess I didn't want to scare you. The reason why I'm still here is because I...I'm very...drawn to you, I guess would be one way to put it."

I processed that for a moment, trying to understand what this marvelous creature could ever see in me, but I got nothing.

"Do you trust me, Bella?" he asked suddenly. I had to think about that for a moment.

"Yes...I think, but only because Alice trusts you, and she's never wrong." I gasped as another bout of fire coursed through me, and Edward took my hand, holding it gently.

"I know it hurts, Bella, I can feel it too," he choked. "I feel whatever you feel, because I can hear your thoughts. Not to mention I've been through this myself."

"How long?" I asked desperately.

"About three days," he told me sadly, and I let out an involuntary cry of despair. Edward held my hand tighter, his expression concerned. "I wish there was someway for me to stop it," he whispered.

Tears were still pouring down my cheeks from the pain, and every now and then he would wipe them away with his thumb, his touch lighter than a caressing feather. If I wasn't in serious pain, this would be extremely enjoyable.

"I love you," he whispered unexpectedly, and my eyes flew open in shock. His face was cautious, gauging my reaction, but I was too shocked to have one at the moment.

"What?" I managed after an awkward silence.

"I love you," he repeated, half moaning, half whimpering. "I hate seeing you in pain, it just about kills me." We were silent for a while before he spoke again. "You don't love me back." It wasn't a question, but he sounded as if he had expected as much.

"Not yet," I told him simply, not wanting to make him sad.

"I did just try to kill you, I guess," he said in a very non-humorous way. I nodded reasonably, but I didn't want to tell him the real reason why, hoping that my thoughts were masked enough that he wouldn't see.

I cried out from the pain and Edward wound his arms around me, cradling me to his chest so that more of his cold skin was touching me. I laid my head against his stone shoulder, thinking to distract myself from the agony.

Was this my future? Was this bad vampire turned good destined to be my soul mate? I wasn't sure how I felt about him yet, but somehow I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I could trust him, I just wasn't sure I could love him yet. He rubbed my back soothingly, trying to spread the cold, but even so I was trembling and crying from the fire. I realized then that I needed him here, not just to ease the pain, but to comfort me, just to be there for me. Maybe I did love him, or maybe it was just the transformation affecting my brain.

"Will you stay?" I asked, too agonized to form a more coherent sentence.

"Of course," he told me soothingly, and I might have smiled. "I'll do whatever makes you happy." He kissed my forehead so softly I wasn't even sure he had, making my heart stutter.
it is amazing. I love it.
love it so much
this is soo cute charlie dying threw me for a loop but I love it
Ooooh. . . so good. . . please continue!
i love it so much i wonder if jacob is in the story hmmm
Chapter 7

I heard her heart stutter at my kiss, and I chuckled. Her mind was growing more clouded by the minute, but I could still feel her pain, and it made me glad to know that I could still effect her through all of that. I held her for a moment, inhaling her sweet scent while she still had it, and attempting to hear her thoughts.

"It's been a very bad day," Bella whimpered, and I had to strain to see why.

"Your father?" I asked, and she nodded, trembling from the pain.

"I lost both of my parents recently, and my father's funeral was today." Wow, had we come at a bad time or what? I held her closer and felt a fresh round of her tears run onto my shirt.

"You wouldn't have been able to be around him anyway, if you were alive," I soothed her. "You'll be too wild in your newborn stage to be around humans." Her mind calmed a bit, but then she cried out as a particularly bad surge of flames hit her heart. I lowered my hand and pressed it to the skin there, hoping to quench the fire, and her muscles relaxed slightly.

"I'm here," I told her simply, and I could have sworn she smiled a bit. I trailed my hand over her skin according to her thoughts, but it was getting harder. She was crying silently except for the occasional whimper of pain, when I would kiss her forehead and try to distract her. I told her what happened with me and the Volturi when she said she wanted to know more about me, and to my surprise she wasn't angry, despite the fact that I had basically killed my own mother. I cradled her into the night, though of course neither of us fell asleep. With each passing second I became more and more sure of one fact:

I was in love with Bella.


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