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I was just thinking if maybe New Moon will have Team Edward twilight fans switching. From what we've seen of New Moon - the trailers, pictures, etc. - New Moon is looking bttr than twilight. And a lot of ppl r switching teams just bcuz Taylor has bulked up and some ppl r saying he looks bttr than Rob.

I'm A TRUE TEAM EDWARD. Dnt get me wrong, but Taylor is cute.

But do u think u'll find urself switching to Team Jacob if ur a Team Edward fan or will u stay tru to Team Edward like me?

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i will stay true to team Edward because he is my number one priority!
but i really do like taylor just not enough to switch
i'm with you girl....
There is a big difference between Jacob and Taylor and Edward and Rob. I am now and forever a an Edward fan. However, I do think that Taylor is much hotter than Rob.

sooo true. Rob /Edward is soooooo much hotter than Jacob/ Taylor
I love Taylor(hes awesome)but I will stat loyal to Team Edward.
I will always be Team Edward no matter what I will never switch teams and Robert Pattinson is way cuter and sexier than Taylor I dont think he is that cute yeah he has an amazing body yeah but Rob is better looking in my opinion. I like Taylor he seems cool but Im still not switching to Jacobs team. Besides Im Team Edward because of the book not because I think rob is cuter.
i completely agree with you, the teams are about the characters,not the people playing them,and people have to remember that
i totally agree with frankie!

i would always be team Edward because of who Edward is and not because he was portrayed by Robert Pattinson. Edward is the most loving, sincere, mature person in the entire twilight universe. and i absolutely love him so much. i don't care who would be put to play his part on the movie. well, i guess i should be thankful for choosing Rob to play the part but again, Rob has totally nothing to do with my choice on team Edward.

Edward Cullen is not Robert Pattinson and vice versa!
Than I'm deffinetly team Edward :)
I could careless what Taylor does, I don't find him attractive at all nor do I care for the Jacob character in the story................Team Jacob can keep him....please.

I am Team Edward/Team Rob because I love what both of these characters represent in both the books and in person.


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