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I was just thinking if maybe New Moon will have Team Edward twilight fans switching. From what we've seen of New Moon - the trailers, pictures, etc. - New Moon is looking bttr than twilight. And a lot of ppl r switching teams just bcuz Taylor has bulked up and some ppl r saying he looks bttr than Rob.

I'm A TRUE TEAM EDWARD. Dnt get me wrong, but Taylor is cute.

But do u think u'll find urself switching to Team Jacob if ur a Team Edward fan or will u stay tru to Team Edward like me?

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no i am true TEAM EDWARD. wolves are not good company to keep plus not as cute as Rob
TEAM EDWARD YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm always on team Edward but Jacob would be like the best friend a girl could ever have
dont switch we LOVE edward...
oh my god i am not switching because i know what is important cuz if someone switches to team mutt (no offence to switzerland) it means they are not remembering wat is important and wats important is being kind are treating the one u love the right way. edward is so kind and jacob is not no matter wat i am not switching not now not ever. i am totally devoted to edward and that will never change.~Mandy Cullen
I agree i mean yeah through half of New Moon i thought Edward was a jerk and i didnt like him but if u think about it he was doing that to protect Bella I really liked Jacob in New Moon just barely not enough to switch.....i love Jake but I love Edward a little more
I would never change sides. I felt at times that Bella would be better off with Jacob ( I Felt sorry for him too) , but she belongs with Edward.
Of course NOT! Team Edward forever! for the Loyalty Award....LOL
absolutely not!!!!!!!!, the watching in this movie just cuse me love more edward and mybe not totaly hate jacob, but i love edward more.
just the thought of switching to team jacob makes me wanna hurl ewwwwwww i would never ever everrrrrr switch iam and will always remain A TEAM EDWARD DIEHARD.
NO IM TEAM EDWARD ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah I'm staying Team Edward, Taylor is really hott, but no way am i switching!!


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