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I was just thinking if maybe New Moon will have Team Edward twilight fans switching. From what we've seen of New Moon - the trailers, pictures, etc. - New Moon is looking bttr than twilight. And a lot of ppl r switching teams just bcuz Taylor has bulked up and some ppl r saying he looks bttr than Rob.

I'm A TRUE TEAM EDWARD. Dnt get me wrong, but Taylor is cute.

But do u think u'll find urself switching to Team Jacob if ur a Team Edward fan or will u stay tru to Team Edward like me?

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team Edward all the way!!!!
im a ture TEAM EDWARD player, though i am definately a jasper whitlock fan. all the cullens are great. so no switchin here.
seriousley people if some people are so shallow and are picking teams by the actors and not the charcters there portaying yhats pathetic honestley you arent tru fans i am team edward and have before they even casted actors to play him they could of casted someone i dont find attractive and i still would of been team edward because i fell for edward the character who had no face just the one i created in my head and honestley taylor lautner is a hottie but i am not feeling that we should swap and change because one characters better loking if it came down to that robert pattinson is gorgeous he is just so unbelievelbley god like handsome i am team edward and rob like seriousley all the way
I agree with you. I wish I'd have never known that who all are playing the characters in the movie because ultimately it spoils our imagination. And it really doesn't matter to me who plays Edward..I truely like him...and will always do :)
..i will be on the same groups whatever happens i love them all!!!
I'll always stay Team Edward fan what so ever happens. No doubt Taylor has looked great in New Moon..still Edward's the BEST!
i luv edward and i would never switch. jacob is looking pretty hot but not hot enough to make me switch!!!!!
Never ever never
im staying team edward because even though the movies focuses on jacob and im sure he'l be portrayed amazingly he still annoys me and jake doesnt look better than edward


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