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I was just thinking if maybe New Moon will have Team Edward twilight fans switching. From what we've seen of New Moon - the trailers, pictures, etc. - New Moon is looking bttr than twilight. And a lot of ppl r switching teams just bcuz Taylor has bulked up and some ppl r saying he looks bttr than Rob.

I'm A TRUE TEAM EDWARD. Dnt get me wrong, but Taylor is cute.

But do u think u'll find urself switching to Team Jacob if ur a Team Edward fan or will u stay tru to Team Edward like me?

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No, I won't...

I'm a TRUE Team Edward Fan, and I will NEVER changee!

Okayy...thats a littlle over-rated, but meh...
Team Edward forever..!
Wow, switching teams never even occurred to me. Jacob is great but Edward is perfection. However there is a big difference between the characters and the actors. Personally, I think both Edward and Rob are totally superior to Jacob and Taylor. I have never really had any affection for Jacob or Taylor though, so I’m probably not going to be objective when making comparisons.
I will stay true to team Edward! I mean really if you read the book what differance would it make as far as Jacob's looks? Nothing has changed about how the book gose! I mean unless somethings changed that I don't know about. All in all I'm totally team Edward, no matter what!
of course i'll stay in Team Edward...bloodsuckers are the best :X
im team renesmee cuz she gets edward AND jacob.
team jacob no way!!! i'm and will always be team edward. i love taylor but jacob is just soo annoying...
Taylor is cute. but im not team edward or team jacob. im team switz/bella. but i deff wont switch.
hmmmmm Not a fan of taylor he's just not my type not attrative at all. Ive seen better bodies then his. Rob now is hot. No I won't switch teams. Never will be a jake fan..

Team Edward all the way !!!!


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