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I was just thinking if maybe New Moon will have Team Edward twilight fans switching. From what we've seen of New Moon - the trailers, pictures, etc. - New Moon is looking bttr than twilight. And a lot of ppl r switching teams just bcuz Taylor has bulked up and some ppl r saying he looks bttr than Rob.

I'm A TRUE TEAM EDWARD. Dnt get me wrong, but Taylor is cute.

But do u think u'll find urself switching to Team Jacob if ur a Team Edward fan or will u stay tru to Team Edward like me?

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I don't think that i'm switching team because Rob is too cute :) Taylor is too but i like Rob more =)
I'm team Edward because of the books not because of the movies. (And I think both Rob and Taylor are hot!) But at the end my interest lie with the books. I fell in love with Edward before the movie was taken into consideration. His character has ruined my dating life, because no one has compared. How sad. Which give me an idea for a new post...hmmm
It makes the book, I don't have anything against Jacob. I actually like him. Bella needed someone while Edward was away and I knew from the start he didn't have a chance of being with her.
I am Team Edward all the way. And, I dont care what anyone says Rob is gorgeous!
I am definelty going to remain on Team Edward! The movie may be better but the story is still the same. Granted, Taylor Lautner has made Jacob's character HOT but let's not forget the story line, Jacob does fall in love with Bella, but he is a bit childish and sort of acts like a spoiled brat at times.

Team Edward 4 Life!!!
I agree he is a bit of a child especially in Eclipse (ie Space Heater)... Edward is all Man....
I will always been team Edward i did come across twilight via the movie first (so have always pitcure the actors in the movie) but i did not become team Eward until I read new moon and missed Edward so much and really did not like Jacob. Once i read the books again i warmed to Jacob and like what he does for Bella and the whole Cullen family.
Having seen traliers Taylor does look hot and has worked really hard on that body. Though knowing the characters via the books and thus liking them based on those merits we know Jacob becomes massive and ripped!! It does not sway me from team Edward or increase my like or dislike of Jacob. Seeing Taylor it will be nice to look at while watching the movie no compliants. Maybe the better question is for people who are Robert fan does Taylor hot body sway you from Robert!! (not personally into either though both nice to look at!! hehehe)
im edward all the way and to me rob and taylor are both hot just in different aspects. but i love edward not jacob.
im edward all the way and to me rob and taylor are both hot just in different aspects. but i love edward not jacob.
i'll def be stayin team edward..having read all the books its edward that im drawn to..he's everything a girl could ever want, and then some
i'm not sayin taylor isnt's just not enough to make me even consider wanting to switch sides..besides i much prefer rob anyway
I will never sway from team edward!!!!! He is still the man of my dreams and i think that after reading the book, jacob shows a lot of traits of being a 16 yr old boy....and Edward is SOOOO a man there is no comparison....although you are right Jacob is cute!
it's team Edward - Rob is so sexy


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