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This is my banner shop for people in desperate need of an awesome or semi-awesome banner. Here are some examples of my work.





link for story-

couldn't find link for this story, sorry

no link for this one either

If you want me to make you a banner leave the following information.

Story Name:______________________

Story Quote (if there is one):_______________________

Person Writing Story:___________________

Picture You Want (please include one if possible, if not it is okay):___________________

I will try to get them done as soon as possible, no guarantees school can get hectic. Thanks.

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Thank you i love it.

TYPE OF GRAPHIC:Fanfiction Banner

*TITLE:It’s my life Dead or Alive: A Breaking Dawn continuation.


*QUOTE/SUMMARY(OPTIONAL):Everything I once love…is gone now!

Will I ever see them again?

*COLOR SCHEME: I would like The background to have a sophisticated black-white pattern. and the pictures to come like a Polaroid instant photos. Except the one of the Cullens, if you could make that a bit bigger.

The pictures that are almost full body can be cut to half

best  i could come up for based on what you asked for but here ya go

SWE-ET!!!! Thanks Willow is awsome. I love it. You'll b my destination for banners from now on.

here ya go
here ya go, if ya dont like it let me know

title:The Real Me


summary:What if the Cullens thought that they were turning a normal human Emmett but they weren't even really turning him at all. Because he is a true immortal. He lost his love a long time ago when she was killed by his brother. What will he do when she is reborn?

qoute:We will have the happe ever after that we wanted


thanks again chicka. leave me a message on my page when it's ready

here ya go can't wait for the story sounds awesome

love it so much

here ya go

here ya go


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