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With her each petal falls
With her each petal falls




Heeyyy guys!!=))) Well to everyone who reads my other fanfic

When Fame Collides:, I told you guys way long ago I was going to make some new stories. Well I decided to put one out but I changed the title. So I hope everyone reads it and likes!=)))))

It's about Edward Cullen being a Prince, Bella Swan's a servant with her sister Rosalie Swan; or they will be to the highnesses of thy royal majesty The Royal Family who is made up of Alice Brandon the princess due to marriage to prince Jasper Cullen, King Carlisle and Queen Esme Cullen and their dear son Emmett Cullen is also a prince but preferred to be a baron and leave the throne to his beloved brothers.
I know it might sound a bit boring but trust me it won’t be!=)))) I really like fan fictions that take place like this, so I decided I should do one too and since I only have one fanfic, time to make a new one!=D Please read, you'll like it!=]]]]
Chapter 1: Selection..
Bella’s POV
I watched hesitantly as Rose played her last silver coin on the table. She betted everything we had, once again, in her idiotic card games with the men! I sighed frustrated. I looked to Rosalie; she had a wicked smirk on her beautiful, pale face. She must be confident she would win; I gripped my wrist, why must she do this every time! Mother was going to be agitated if we lost everything once again! We had worked hard for the little silver coins we got paid making bread but Rose always somehow convinced me we would make more playing these ridiculous games of poker. Even though Rose hardly ever lost, only once she did but it was to a man who cheated us out of every penny, our father. The very one who taught Rose how to play the game, he had left us when we were nothing but children and left with all we had. I sighed, damn it Rose better not lose this. I turned my attention back to the game, various peasants such as us, watching intently. The men started showing their cards, I gasped as one brought out a full house. That’s it was over, but the smile on her full lips wouldn’t frown; at that moment it all seemed in slow motion, it felt like years for her to slap her cards on the table. I yelled in delight, she had all 4 kings. I jumped up and Rose started laughing, I helped her grab all the silver coins and run out the door, giggling and screaming in delight.
“I was terrified! Why did you take so long!?” I laughed, holding the coins smiling at their shine.
She rolled her eyes. “I told you that I would win! Thy didn’t believe me did they?” She smirked and hid the coins behind her back as we arrived at our small, thatched-roof house.
“We must surprise mother she’ll be full of joy. Hide the coins.” I did what Rose said and hide the coins behind my back, we went in quickly. Our mother smiled at our entrance, we were the only thing she had, her diamonds in this wretched world. Our mother looked more like Rosalie, with blond hair and blue eyes, but aged. I looked more like father, unfortunately. I had brown, long curls and dark brown eyes. I was plainer, I looked more like every other peasant but Rose she looked like she belonged on the thrown; she had the true beauty of a queen. But others didn’t seem to think that way at least royalty didn’t.
“Daughters, what held thy from coming home?” She wondered but looked confused after she saw our excited smiles.
“Have my daughters fallen for a boy?” She asked, sniggering.
“Mother we have a gift for you. But you must close your eyes.” Rosalie begged and she did so. We put the various coins on our small wooden table, the craftsman made out of generosity for us. We all tried to help each other as much in this small town. Others more than most, but we tried that’s what counted.
“You may open your eyes mother.” I confirmed. Her eyes fluttered open in an instant. She gasped at the pile of silver coins, never having seen so much.
“What have you done my daughters?” She asked frightened instead of pleased with joy like we were.
“Have thy stolen from the lordship?” She frantically asked again, her small, frail hands wrapped in each of ours.
“Mother! How thy think of us as such! We are not scoundrels-“ Rose began to argue but was stopped by the sound of the royal horns. That meant that the royal guard was here and we all knew exactly for what. My mother turned as pale as a ghost.
“Oh no.” She whispered almost silently. Before anyone had time to say a word, the guard made the announcement.
“ALL PEASANTS AND SERFS, COME OUT IMMEDIETALEY BY THE ORDER OF THE ROYAL COURT AND DECISION BY THE ROYAL GUARD SOME IF THY WILL BE PICKED TO COME BACK WILL US TO THE ROYAL KINGDOM TO SERVE THE ROYAL FAMILY TILL DEATH.” The head knight announce, that meant that they were picking who take with them forever and never again come back. I hugged mother and Rosalie tight as if it were the last time, it could be anyway. We didn’t come apart, but at one point we had to or the guard would come in themselves. We silently went out the door, holding each other’s hand, hoping this wouldn’t be the last moment. I looked at my mother; she was so frail and gentle. I had deep fear trembling within me, what if they picked Rose and me to come and not mother, I mean Rose and I looked strong and healthy but mother looked weak and thin. The guard lined us up in rows and started looking through each of us, pointing to few to get on the cart at each row. They guards were almost to our row.
“Daughters, you must know that I love you. Your about to leave me but I want you not to worry, your old mother will be fine, please take care my loves, work hard for the lordship as thy do for us.” Mother whispered to us, gently before they arrived. I looked to Rose; sure enough like me she had tears in her eyes like myself.
“Mother please don’t say such a thing, it won’t happen! It won’t hap-“ I cried into her arms but was stopped by the knights alarming voice.
“YOU TWO, GIRLS ON THE CART!” He commanded, Rose tried to nudge me away gently before the knight did himself.
“Bella, we must go.” I still didn’t loosen my hold on mother, she had deep tears in her eyes but like ourselves we knew we had no choice. What was said by the royal court must be done or death will come to thy.
“Bella.” Mother pleaded. The knight tore me away from her with a violent force, making me fall to the ground at once. I cried, everyone around me gasped especially my mother.
“THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WORHTLESS PEASANTS WHEN THY DON’T LISTEN! BACK IN ROWS!” He yelled in fury and went on with the inspection leaving me to the floor and Rose to pick me up. Rose led me to the cart quietly, it was filled with peasants and serfs and now Rosalie and I made part of them. They finished the selection quickly, then began pulling out of the village with a cart full of peasants. I turned to see the last glimpse of my mother I would ever see. She stood near of our small- thatched roof house that was now only hers, I made a useless attempt to grasp the last tear that I’d see drop on my dear mother’s sweet face. But it had fallen, like I’d always known it would.

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Ha, ha. Ur right.:) I'm typing the next chapter right now so no worries, it'll be up either today or 2morrow.:]]]]] Thanxs everyone for the comments, their wonderful!!=))) Also very supporting!!!!!=DDDDD Please keep reading and commenting, the next chapter is coming!!!!!!=]]]]]
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Chapter 2: The Royal Castle
Bella’s POV
I watched as we passed the beautiful country side, the blossoms were blooming, the wild flowers tussled in the light breeze that filled the air, the blue sky had just had the perfect amount of clouds for shade, it was all in all a perfect day………. for some. I wiped my useless tears from my eyes, what was the point in crying when nothing would be revoked. I turned toward Rosalie; she stared aimlessly into the country side deep in thought, not here at the moment. I decide not to disturb her and began looking through the peasants with us here, to see if I recognized any of the faces. I saw a few here and there, which I knew some names, but not many that we had known well. Then I finally found a face I had recognized, she was in tears like I had been just moments ago. Her name was Payne Thorn, was named after her great grandmother who died 5 years ago. Payne and I were good friends, we used to help with the work in the fields when we were little girls but had stopped when her father prohibited it to her once we’d grown, saying she was not a man to work in such work, she must help her mother. That’s how I got into baking bread with Rosalie and separated from Payne. She must have felt my stare on her because she turned in my direction with a gasp as she grasped who I was. She made her way to my side, shoveling through everyone. They pushed back at her and insulted her but quieted when she was out of their way.
“Bella.” She sighed happily, hugging me tightly.
“Payne, it’s so nice to see a familiar face.” She laughed a breathless laugh and turned to Rosalie, giving her a hug. Rose came back to life than, she seemed astounded not knowing who held her. Payne let go and smiled. Rosalie took in who it was and gave Payne a quick smile.
“You’re both here?” She questioned, probably wondering what had happened to our mother.
“Yes unfortunately, mother was left behind.”Rose answered in a whisper. I felt the tears coming remembering that just an hour ago we were walking down the street past the small shops and roof, thatched houses in pure excitement. Payne immediately hugged us both.
“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up, forgive me?” She apologized.
I smiled and let go. “Its fine, of course we do.”
Rose simply nodded her head in agreement than looked to the North.
“We’re here.” She told us gently, without feeling. There it was like she had said the castle was huge and beautiful, the most amazing thing I had ever seen. It was an unbelievable site, something you would only see in a dream. The ocean breeze took over the country side breeze the smell of the ocean brought peace to the mind. The waves gently hit the shore softly, near the castle. There was no one on the beach except for a couple who walked along the sand holding hands and laughing in perfect harmony. It was impossible to see their faces but not the crowns. I assumed it to be Princess Alice and Prince Jasper. I didn’t know much of the Royal family just a few things here and there, but I had never seen them and know I was about to live with them. The wedding of Prince Jasper to Princess Alice Brandon was spread all over the kingdom so; it wasn’t hard to find out. They had been betrothed since the date they were born, but as I looked down at them playing on beach they didn’t seem as they hated being chosen for each since before they had the choice to but they were happy they did. Or maybe they just had decided there was no other choice so may as well be happy with thy?
I watched as he lifted her up and they kissed, we had passed the royal gates now; we were arriving to the front of the castle. I turned my attention back to Payne and Rose away from the Prince and Princess.
“Did you see them as well?” I asked them both. Rose laughed lightly, nodding in response.
“Yes, beautiful couple. They were made for each other.” Payne answered in a sad tone.
“Yes, I guess just some get everything they’d ever want: money, royalty, and love.” Rose frowned. I put my hands on my face in agreement. The cart came to a halt. I looked up, the knights surrounded the cart but at the front door there were two barons on horses awaiting us. I guess for slaves thy needed extra protection. I bit my lip, frowning and got off the cart with Rose and Payne, the knights starting leading us inside the castle; we followed being the last ones to get off. I looked up at the barons; one was staring like a pathetic scoundrel at Rose. I glared at him, disgusting men these days. Rose didn’t seem to notice his stare and walked inside. I gave him my meanest glare before walking inside; the baron finally seemed to notice me at the last minute but I had just walked inside. I could have sworn he seemed confused with my anger or had never seen such treatment from a peasant at least.

Payne Thorn:

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