The Twilight Saga

This is an Edward and Bella story, it takes place in the present day, Edward is this handsome mysterious man at Forks high, no one knows his life history at all.


Edward is pretty much of a loner he has no family no one really to care about him, he prances through life just how he pleases, but Edward also has a secret, he’s a vampire, he knows nothing of his past or how he became one so he try’s to dig up every bit of information he can find out.


One day Bella swan moves to forks WA with her foster family (her family was killed in a car crash and left her all alone)

She thinks the town is a big joke she cant believe they succumbed her to a place like this.


When Bella goes to the high school, she runs into Edward there, her whole outlook on this small town just got a little better, but she has no idea what she is in store for.


Can Edward over come this suddenly thriving thirst for this new girl. And realize that they are destined to be together? Or will the thirst over come him and put her life in danger……


“how can you turn away from the most important thing in your life when you know that they could be the one responsible for the bad things that might come to you?”


please note: i dont not own any of these characters...


*let me kno what you think thank you*

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can't wait for more! :)
I like it but can bella and edward some how break up but then get back together again.
i will keep that in mind thank you for the thought :)
"Welcome to my new nightmare." ~ LoL x) Love how you ended the chapter!
looking forward to more =)
I love it already!!
i luv it keep me updated
It's soo good
Looks good, keep on typing!
thank you for all your comments....i plain to update today thank you again

Chapter 2

The plane landed and we step out of the airport to our “new home” here in this town.
The rain was already coming down so hard you couldn’t see two inches in front of your face.
David glanced over his shoulder at me I was looking down at my mp3 player not really worried about anything he was about to say good or bad.

“Bella” he yelled at me.
“What?!” I said in a smart tone.
“I have been trying to get your attention now for five minutes please go and help Diane with the lunge while I go get a rental car” David replied to me and walked away.

When I was walking over to the lunge cart where Diane was standing I dropped my mp3 player to the ground.
“sigh” great could this day possibly get any better?
I bent down and retrieved it and then wasn’t watching where I was going when I bummed into a tall boy.

“oh my bad” I said to him.
But when I got a good look at him I was mesmerized.
He had nut brown hair, he was beautiful and his eyes shined emerald green.
But when he looked into my eyes his eyes grew darker.
And he backed away.
“hey I am sorry about that I wasn’t watching” I said to him in a sweet and flirting voice.
“I think you need to be more careful” he said in a rude remark.
I got a smart look on my face. “hey you don’t have to be so rude I was just apologizing to you” I said to him, he didn’t return anything just started himself and walked away.
Wow what was his problem.

Just another reason why moving to this dumb town was a great idea.
Once David got the rental car we were on our way to the new house, on the way there was nothing woods on either side of me, green and green and more GREEN!
The sky above me was gray and dull I felt like I was travling into some horror movie.

When we finally got to the house it was kinda big with shutters and a large yard.
“wow can you believe this?” diane exclaimed.
David got out and stretched “yeah the relator said it was a beauty, what you think bella?” he asked me.
They didn’t want to know what I thought if it was up to me I would be right back on the next flight out of this place.
“its ok” was all that I replied and we all grabbed our things and headed on inside.

My room was the room over looking the back yard, it had purple wall paper and my large bed that was already here from our old house.
i heard a knock on my door while I was unpacking.
“knock knock” diane said as she came on in.
“so bella how do you really like this place” she asked.
“you all know how I feel about it”
“bella” she sighed.
“this means a lot to david if you just give this a chance I am sure that you are going to love it to, we are going to enroll you in school tomorrow, you will meet all kinds of new people and make friends” I have to give her credit she was trying her hardest to make me look on the positive side of this place.
I sighed.

“ok diane I will give it a try” I said and I could feel the words as hard as rocks when they were coming out of my mouth.
She just smiled and hugged me.
“thank you, now get some rest tomorrow is going to be a big day for all of us” and she left.

I couldn’t wait.
great chapter =)
looking forward to more!


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