The Twilight Saga

What would it have been like if Bella and Edward hadnt met until the night Bella was bitten? What would like be like for them? What if Bella didnt know what she wanted? Would it work out with them?





Chapter 1: Footsteps  (Bella POV)

   It’s September, it’s warm out tonight. The sun has already set and its now dark, nice night for a walk. I’d done this many times before, so there was nothing off about tonight usually walked at night to relax, let off steam and stress from the day.
   There weren’t many people out due to how late it was. I didn’t mind; it was peaceful.
   After a while, I noticed that there are footsteps behind me, to which I don’t pay any mind. The steps increased in pace, getting closer. Still, this doesn’t seem to be any threat to me.
   Soon the hooded figure walking behind calls out to me, “Hey!” Surely he can’t be talking to me? Who is he? “Excuse me?!” He calls out again, closer this time.
    I looked back and notice he has increased his pace, quickly closing the gap between the two of us.
   I begin to quicken my pace in order to, maybe, find somewhere to go? It’s late; I doubt anything is open right now.
   I look back again, he’s getting closer now.

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LOVE IT update very very soon!!
excellent writing as usual. you have edward down to a tee. plz post more soon
thank you sooo much. as ive said before, this chapter and the next have been the hardest ones thus far. i kept feeling like it wasnt good enough or it wasnt "Edward"? so im very glad you like it. thanx again for reading!
love it
i cant wait to see what carlisle tells him
love it !!!! amazing ,, plz hurry with next chappie :)
cool chapter write more!
new reader
plz plz write more soon loves it
thank you so much for reading!


Chapter 6: Reasons (Edward POV)

Carlisle walked around his oversized cherrywood desk, one Esme had bought during one of her many renovations, and over to me. “I see.” He looked at me with knowing eyes. “If the feeling you have for her is as strong as you say it is, and then this feel; the need to be with her, well then it can only be explained as one thing.”
I looked at him, still confused as I waited for him to continue.
“Edward, you’ve found her.” He silently stated. My head shot up, it was spinning! And if I had had a heart beat, it would have begun to race uncontrollably at that very moment.
“You want to be with her because she is the other half of you, the part of you that has been missing for all these years. You’re drawn to her so strongly because you want her. You would move mountains for her.”
Now I felt like he could read my thoughts.
“She’s your mate.”
I didn’t know how to comprehend what he was telling me. How could this be? If it was true that this complete stranger; my mate; the missing part of me, then that would explain all of what I felt.
The only thing I didn’t understand is how? I’ve never met her before in my life. Although, that is how it was for the rest of my family. None of the others had met their mate before coming into each other’s lives when they did.
“The feeling we have for our other half, our mate, is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. It’s the strongest feeling you will ever have for someone. It’s almost as if your heart begins to beat again in that very moment you see them. It’s a more intense feeling for our kind than it is for humans. Stronger. Binding. Edward,” he looked at me intently and continued silently, “If she is your other half, you will be very happy. You will be devoted to each other from the moment you two come together, on. Inseparable.” Carlisle put his hand on my shoulder.
I stood perfectly still as I tried to absorb what he was telling me.
I began to wonder out loud, “Carlisle are you sure? I’ve only just met her?”
I couldn’t process everything, anything. For the first time in my existence I felt overwhelmed; I couldn’t pull all my thoughts together.
“Edward I know this is hard to grasp but, let me ask you this; Have you ever felt this way about anyone before? Have you ever felt anything remotely close to the feelings you have for her?” He asked silently, looking me directly in my eyes.
The answer was no, to both. Other than the love I held for my mortal mother, Elizabeth, this was the first time I’ve felt love with this much strength for someone.
“No, of course not. That’s why I don’t understand it? Like I said; it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt.”
Carlisle breathed in deeply, “That’s because you hadn’t found your mate. Now that you have, she’s brought it all back to you. The feelings will only get stronger as time progresses. She will make you incredibly happy Edward, and you in return will make her just as happy, if you let it happen.”
I looked at my father with more questions swimming behind my eyes. “What if you’re wrong?” I began to worry, “What if I’m not what she wants? What if she chooses not to stay but leave me instead? What if she doesn’t feel…?”
“Edward, my son,” he cut me off before I could keep going. “You always did over analyze everything and worry too much. You have to just let things happen on their own and in their own way. We will find out what is to happen after Isabella wakes up and we explain everything to her.”
He raised his hand towards the door and smiled at me while continuing silently, “Now; go back to her, I know that’s where you wish to be.”
I gave him a thankful smile as I turned and walked out of the room; a little faster than necessary.
He was so understanding and helpful. He was the rock of the family.
Soon I was back in the room upstairs where she slept in no time. I walked over to the bed and stood at her side and watched; waiting.
She was so beautiful, and if Carlisle was right; she was mine. Mine. This pale, beautiful creature was all mine; Mine to watch over, mine to protect, mine to have all to myself; To have by my side for rest of my existence.
I felt the corners of my mouth pull upward into the hint of a smile as I thought the word; mine. She was mine and I was hers, if that’s what she wished.
As the time continued to pass ever so slowly, I continued to watch her sleep, waiting; very impatiently for the change to be complete. And when it was, I would be there; I would make sure I was the first one she saw. Mine.
AWWW<3 i love thisss
love love love it
poor impatient edward


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