The Twilight Saga

What would it have been like if Bella and Edward hadnt met until the night Bella was bitten? What would like be like for them? What if Bella didnt know what she wanted? Would it work out with them?





Chapter 1: Footsteps  (Bella POV)

   It’s September, it’s warm out tonight. The sun has already set and its now dark, nice night for a walk. I’d done this many times before, so there was nothing off about tonight usually walked at night to relax, let off steam and stress from the day.
   There weren’t many people out due to how late it was. I didn’t mind; it was peaceful.
   After a while, I noticed that there are footsteps behind me, to which I don’t pay any mind. The steps increased in pace, getting closer. Still, this doesn’t seem to be any threat to me.
   Soon the hooded figure walking behind calls out to me, “Hey!” Surely he can’t be talking to me? Who is he? “Excuse me?!” He calls out again, closer this time.
    I looked back and notice he has increased his pace, quickly closing the gap between the two of us.
   I begin to quicken my pace in order to, maybe, find somewhere to go? It’s late; I doubt anything is open right now.
   I look back again, he’s getting closer now.

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Bear! I was just thinking about you! I'm happy you got to catch up but am so sorry for your familys loss. I will be here when you return and if you need a friend. Happy & Safe Holidays to your family as well. Much Love --Cherie--

Omg!!!!!! I love your story.... It's soooooooooo good!!!! I hope you update soon!

Omg!!!!!!!!!!! plzzz post more im addicted to this really addicted love the story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is incredible; pleaase write more(: ?

Please keep going. I love it!!!!

I am a new reader & im loving this story!!!!!! If you could please update me? That would be wonderful. But unfortunately I can't send a friend request to anyone so may you please add me as well Cherie? Thank you very much! Love your writing

Alice {e.p.} Thank you so much for giving WITHOUT a shot! I'm so glad you like it. I will def send you updates and add you as a friend! againk, thank you so much :)

I just wanna say please add me and I am totally addicted to your story please keep going lol

Lamonta, thank you so much for reading and I will def add you :)

very good plz keep me posted soooo!!!!!!!! gooooood!!!!!!
very good plz keep me posted soooo!!!!!!!! gooooood!!!!!!
post more i read the two chapters soooo!!!!! gooood!!!!!!

sooooooooooooooo        gooooooooooddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzz update SOON!!!!! :)


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