The Twilight Saga

This is my first fan fic so go easy on me, you know how people say this is
an all human story, well this is an all inhuman story! But Bella is not
really a vampire, so what is she? will Edward learn to leave with it
and the burden that she carries? Or will their different worlds set
them apart?







1. Meeting (EPOV)

I could feel the softness of the leaves as I stepped on them running at full speed, the leaves where a healthy green this time of the year and everything looked just like one big green blur to me. Of course, I never hit one tree nor accidentally stomp a creature, running was in my nature it was so easy and the sense of release it gave me had no comparison. It was the feeling of leaving everything behind; going at such a speed that nothing could catch up with me not even my past. To be honest, today I was running from my family. I was trying to give them the privacy they deserve at such intimate moments that I’ve never experienced and probably never would I thought wryly to myself. You have to me mated to know how they felt, that total love and devotion towards each other. I truly felt like an outsider in my family, a third wheel or in this case a seventh wheel, what mattered was that I could be spared. I knew how much they loved me, how much I would hurt them if I ever went away again but, what could I do? I was always ill-tempered and belligerent like the resentful old man that I should be by now. I could hear Carlisle and Esme always blaming themselves, in their heads it was their fault that I was alone and miserable but truly I was alone by choice. It was not a problem of nurturing, they shouldn’t be kicking themselves like that, it was agonizing to hear how they dwelled in pain over their first son. Many vampires had expressed interest in me over the years but I would always politely turn them down, they weren’t what I was looking for. I’ve seen it with Rose and Carlisle, when the one came along I’d know right away. It was just how it worked with us vampires; you fell in love head over heels just once and there is no turning back. That was how I knew the girls I turned down would be okay, because I was not the one for them and they were not the ones for me, neither one of them. I’m too good of a liar if I can convince myself that is the only reason I turned them down, it was true that I wanted neither of those girls but I can’t deny that for me I was a monster. I didn’t deserve to be happy after everything I’ve done, I was a low life creature who could never aspire to be love. Everyday the list was there, I may have come back to Carlisle and his way of life but I could never bring back all those people. Even if my victims were barely humans and resemble more to monsters, it was wrong playing god and I had deluded myself into thinking it was right. Emmet keeps telling me to stop beating myself up but I can’t, during those dark years I lost myself and gave completely in to the monster inside of me.

I was lost in my train of thought when I saw her, the wind was blowing her scent in the opposite direction and that’s why I hadn’t smelled her. I froze there standing completely still, a human girl was standing in the middle of my meadow. She stared at me with her head cocked to the side and her eyed reflected confusion like something about me was off. I was too staring at her, she had very pale skin for a human, her straight brown hair cascade down her back gracefully curling at the ends and her frame was slender. She was quite a sight but I couldn’t take my eyes of hers, those oddly deep brown eyes like pools of melted chocolate pierced through me with their bewilderedness. I was pinned to that place, I just stood there examining her face and I couldn’t make myself leave. I was suddenly anxious to know what she was thinking, did she saw me coming at an inhuman speed to the meadow? Why did she seem so confused? Was she afraid of me? What did she think of me? What was she thinking? That’s when it hit me, I hadn’t been interrupted by any thoughts when running or even now as I was staring at her, the only train of thought in my head was my own. I felt really vulnerable and frustrated for the first time in my vampire life. I never had to try to hear someone so I felt ridiculous as I penetrated her eyes extremely focus giving her an intense gaze of my own. I was pushing with all my mental strength an imaginary barrier over her head but nothing. I couldn’t hear even one word, not even the tenor of her thoughts, this was just exasperating. Who was this girl?

2. Eyes (EPOV)

The frustration was pouring through me, I was still looking but not really seeing the girl lost in my mind. Could vampires get sick? I felt fine, like I always do, so why can’t I hear her? This has never happened to me before. I heard her let out an angry sighed and forced myself to see her again. She too seemed really frustrated and I didn’t understand why, suddenly I found myself imagining what she was thinking. Every guess seemed worst and less likely than the one before. I took one unconscious step in her direction and her eyes narrowed in suspicion. I glanced at her, clearly she knew I was dangerous. One second was all it took to change everything, the wind blew her scent in my direction and I smelled her for the first time. My throat was burning hotter than the flames in hell, my whole body ached to attack her and my mouth was singing with the venom. I’ve never imagine such a scent existed, if I knew I would have search the entire planet for it. No! I was better now, I couldn’t do this to Carlisle, destroy everything he had work so hard on and let him down again, that was not an option! I knew he would understand, his patience was endless but the thought of my eyes turning crimson with her blood and adding another name to the list had me running away from her. I was the fastest in my family and suddenly I felt like I was about to break a personal record or something. I only stopped when I reached the mountains, there was a valley that I liked to go to when it was autumn as the meadow was dry and lifeless.

I sighed, everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be alright she’s not here; I chanted this over and over again to myself. I sat there and grasp the grass, don’t turn around and look for her, think of your family. This was so hard, I could still remember vividly her smell in my tongue. I didn’t dare to move, my body could betray me and run after her. I closed my eyes but all I could see was the girl staring at me with her bewildered eyes, there was a spark of recognition there hidden; but recognition of what? Wondering what she was thinking was pushing me to the edge, I wanted to run back to talk to her and figure out her mind. What was she thinking? The question was torturing me, my curiosity was inflamed. A nagging puzzle that I would never get the chance to put together. Ug! This was impossible, I could smell her and hear her heart pounding in front of me. I thought it was just my imagination, no human would be able to get here that fast! I opened my eyes and there she was, standing in front of me with here arms secured around her chest and her expression was still frustrated but resigned. I sat there hypnotize by her gaze, she walked with slow but determined movements in my direction. I cut the flow of oxygen to my lungs, I didn’t need it and I knew it would be unbearable for me to smell her and not sink my teeth in her. She kneeled before me, from the first second I saw her she has pierce into my eyes never looking away from them. The girl lifted her hand and stroked my cheek gently with her finger tips, her eyes never leaving mine, it felt like an electric current pulsed between us when she touched me. She exhaled heavily and her warm breath brushed my face almost caressing it while she dropped her hand.

“I give up”. She finally spoke, her voice was so beautiful, not in an inhuman way like a vampire but it was sweet, warm and soft. “Would you please tell me why your eyes are gold?” I was lost in the sound of her voice, it took me about five seconds to process what she was asking and another to realize she was waiting for me to speak.

“I don’t understand your question” I hated to say that aloud, how I wished I could understand what was going on behind those chocolate brown eyes.

“I was sent here for a coven of vampires but something is off. Your skin is pale, hard and cold; you’re breathtaking beautiful and run inhumanly fast. But your eyes… they are supposed to be either black or crimson. So would you explain to me why your eyes are golden?” She seemed even more frustrated to say it aloud. I couldn’t answer her I was in shocked. She knew.



Chapter 3- "Explanations"

Chapter 4- "Another World"

Chapter 5 and 6- "Confusion" and "Reunion" 

Chapter 7 and 8- "Family" and "Interrogation" 

Chapter 9- "Guest"

Chapter 10- "Interruptions"  

 Chapter 11- "Departure"

 Chapter 12- "New"
Chapter 13- "Understanding"
Chapter 14- "Selfishness"
Chapter 15- "Complications"
Chapter 16- "Appearence"
Chapter 17- "Past, present and future"
Chapter 18- "Worth"
Chapter 19- "Friendship"
Chapter 20- "Time's up"
Chapter 21- "Above"
Chapter 22- "Ghost"
Chapter 23- "Decisions"
Chapter 24- "Bleeding Heart"

Chapter 25- "Letters"

Chapter 26- "Wrecked"


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I loooove it..... :D
But I guess you already knew that....
Well then...
I LOVE IT!!! (=

Tihi, update soon please!! =)


Lou... =D
OMG Josefina!!
I haven't been checking my email lately, but I just did, and I am sooo sorry!!
You said you were hospitalized, and I just realized it!! Ö
Are you okay?? What happened?? =S
I feel like such a, I don't know... :(

I just wanted to let you know, I'm sorry and that I hope you find out what is wrong - without being hospitalized again of course... ;)

Take care!!


Lou... :D
Hi Lou! Don't sweat it, I'm fine really and I think everyone over-reacted. Well to make a long story short, I was not feeling well the other day and as I was stepping dow the stairs of my school my vision blurred and I got dizzy. Well, I fainted and fall down the stairs. I had some bruises, a concussion and some stitches but what the doctors were worried about was the reason of my fainting. As a kid I was diabetic and they were afraid it was back so you can imagine how they went balistic and look for every possible explanation. Please don't beat yourself up! I know that if you were aware you would have been by my side and I don't blame you for not being here once. You're always here and I must be such a burden hahaha, I do talk a lot! I won't go back to the hospital, they'll have to catch me first! hahaha. Don't worry, everyone is treating me like I am made of glass so I can't even lift a finger, its annoying but I guess I brought this on myself *sigh* Anyway, I don't allow you to dwell on the subject anymore, are we clear?

Love always

Haha okay Jose, we're clear!! ;D
I just saw it and then I was like OMG!! What happened?? and now I know, and I'm glad to hear you're okay... :)
But ouch... didn't it hurt?? I hate to fall down stairs... believe me I have a staircase in my house and I've fallen alot down of that one... *shivers* xD

But as I said, I'm just glad you're okay... :)


Lou (=
Hi Lou, it did hurt and a lot, the stairs are of cement so you can imagine why I needed some stitches... I do tend to fall all the time down the stairs but this is the first time I'm not conscious to do something about it. I do too have staircase in my house and believe me when I say they are a death trap to me. Thank you Lou for caring but as you can see I am cmpletely fine.

Love always

Uuuh, that was worse... *flinches*
I remember when I was 4 or something, I rolled all the way down the stairs... well that hurt!! xD
Yeah, sometimes stairs really are a pain in the butt.... :(
But as long as they don't hurt people, I guess they're fine enough... x]


Lou :D
hahaha, I have some serious problems of balance which is funny given how I am good at sports. One would think that being a klutz and sports don't mix well but I am here to prove you wrong! XD
I guess I am the problem cause nobody else seems to have trouble with it but me! Can't blame the stairs then.

Love always

Hi Lou! hahaha, I do know that you love it but this is the last time I'll know cause from now on I am stepping into unknown territory. Scary but exciting, finally new chapters! Yay! *clapping hands* I'll update in a couple of days!

Love always

EEEEP I'm so excited.... (I just can't hide it) Sorry, that weird song is just on my mind at the moment... Funny, it's the only two lines I know of that song... "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it..." xD

Anyways, sounds great, I'll be looking forward to it... :D

But wait....
Are a couple of days before Monday?? =S
I'm going to Ribe - a town in DK just about 5 hours from where I live xD - from Monday to Friday.... *bite nails*

What if I don't read it before I go?? What will I do?? How will I survive??

Haha, just pleeeeeeeaaaaase hurry... :D *halo glows* x]


Lou =D
hahaha! I know that song. I'm so excited (I just can't hide it) I'm about to lose control and I think she likes it hahahaha. It's ok Lou, I know to expect the unexpected from you. I'm happy you're looking froward to it cause it will be before monday. So don't worry about it you'll have time, your trip sound like fun so have a blast and again don't worry. Though I can't guarantee that I won't have posted a second chapter while you were away mmm, if that happens you'll read it when you get back! =P The one you could possibly miss I think we'll be about the demos arrival, I have not decided yet but it's a possibility.

Love always

Hahaha, yeah that song is genious!! xD
Eeep, then I'll read it before I go, and look forward to read again when I get home... :P
Sounds good... :)
I hope it's the one with the demons... :D That would be awesome!! X]


Lou =D
mmm... still thinking about it but I can tell you I am leaning on that direction, it's funny it took me 18 chapters for them to end the first day of meeting. That was one crazy and hectic day now wasn't it? I am excited to see what's gonna happen with Em! That is going to be so funny!

Love always



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