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I am proud to say I am an AntiFan of you believe The Host (either teh novel or the film or both) is worth my time? If so, why?

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*tumbleweed rolls past*

I hated the book the host but I liked the movie didn't love it but I like it but I would have never paid to go see it or buy the movie I watched it on Netflix

I am proud to be a Twihard, but I will say I tried reading The Host and just couldn't get in to it at all. Its certainly different to Stephenies Twilight and it just didn't appeal to me. But, to be fare I'm not in to Alien Invaders/science/space, that kind of thing and I read it because I'm a devotee to Twilight books & Movies.

I saw the movie too and they both started of very slowly and it took me a while to work out the story line.


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