The Twilight Saga

Hey Edward Lovers!! I am starting a writing contest!! The winner will be picked by my assistant and I. The winner’s writing will be posted on the groups front page and will be sent to all of my friends and you will get a cute Edward picture too! All you have to do is write one of the scenes in either of the Twilight books in Edwards point of view. The choices of scenes are

Twilight- After James Bites Bella

Eclipse- In the tent with Jacob
Breaking Dawn- When Edward is turning Bella into a vampire and thinks she is Dead

The Contest will end September 5th. Good Luck!!! And have fun. If you know anyone that would like to enter the contest please tell them!! I am looking forward to reading them!! Thanks so much and watch for other contests !! If you have any questions please ask me or my assistant! Thanks!!

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Thanks for your Entry!! I will read it Later since i have to go but I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
Wanting-To-Be-A-Cullen..........THAT WAS AAAAMMMMMAAAZZZIIINNNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!! I loved the "red of love" in his eyes *claps* Wonderful job!!!!!! :D
Thank you (: I'm glad you liked it!
it was so sweet in a weird way lol awwwwwwwwwww i'm gonna read it again lol
can i enter? please=) this is gonna be sooo cool, this was a great idea!
yes i love edward you can absolutly enter:D
Please Everyone please enter!!!!!!
im not sure if i should enter. i dont think im such a good writer. i might make you guys end up hating me for messing up the story so badly lolz.
You should enter Take a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow... that was the most deaply deppressingly stupid ass tear jerker i have read in a while...
i hate to cry...
:( I loved it!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 YOUR ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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