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Hey Edward Lovers!! I am starting a writing contest!! The winner will be picked by my assistant and I. The winner’s writing will be posted on the groups front page and will be sent to all of my friends and you will get a cute Edward picture too! All you have to do is write one of the scenes in either of the Twilight books in Edwards point of view. The choices of scenes are

Twilight- After James Bites Bella

Eclipse- In the tent with Jacob
Breaking Dawn- When Edward is turning Bella into a vampire and thinks she is Dead

The Contest will end September 5th. Good Luck!!! And have fun. If you know anyone that would like to enter the contest please tell them!! I am looking forward to reading them!! Thanks so much and watch for other contests !! If you have any questions please ask me or my assistant! Thanks!!

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wow this is sad but it was good ikant belive i cryeddd

its like reading for the firstt time againnn
Be still my heart, my breaking heart all over again. You have my vote.

A loud and vicious, deep-throated growl erupted from my throat. I went on a rampage of destruction, howling my pain and rage to the heavens. I ripped, tore, screamed, pounded and literally destroyed everything within the small clearing.

When everything around me had been totally annihilated, I staggered and fell to the ground on my knees. Dry, heaving sobs shook my body. My wails of anguish filled the silent air.

After awhile, the sobbing stopped. The shaking stopped. The pain, the agony, the rage…it was all gone. There was nothing of any meaning left inside of me. I was an empty shell.

“Where are you going to go?” she asked quietly.

“To hell.” I answered flatly.

An eternity without her…

My own personal hell…
you are very welcome obcessedtwibrarian :D
Wow ObsessedTwibrarian I am still crying i just read the entry!!
ObsessedTwibrarian I realize this is only make believe, but, this version of the breakup had me (a very grown woman, lol) in tears! I felt his pain and agony in a very real way! You need to put your own work out there!
Wow it was really good but sad as well! :) :(
Wheeeewwwww, as soon as I can see the keyboard I will type a message :) Madam Twibrarian I have only been reading your literature for a short time, but in that short time you have absolutely captured me heart and soul. At any given time as I read your writing you may have me laughing hysterically, boiling with sexual tension, crying my eyes out, or looking into the window of my own soul. It was as if I was in those woods with them, and I am devistated, my heart and soul torn from my body, feeling the agony and loss of each of them. I fear that this shall be a sleepless night for me and yet I yearn for more from your talented pen. If I get a vote, then it is most assuredly cast for you dear lady. It must have been heart breaking for you to write this chapter ! Thank you so much.
You've done it again, you made me cry. This was fabulous and to hear all the pain that he was in, was excruciating, knowing how deeply her loves her. There are so many ways that this one scene could be writen, but I'm not sure anyone would be able to top this. Bravo X3, for such a wonderfully written story!!!!
The heart is a fragile thing, its like crystal in a room full of glass, even the way it shatters into a million pieces.!

Their are only two parts in the whole of the twilight series that I hate with a passion 1. Was this part where they break up. 2. When Bella kisses Jacob...

That being said I feel so much more when Edward is in pain I don't know why, maybe cause he's lived so long and has endured so much, he deserves happiness..

OTB amazing doesn't describe what your writing brings about I think ive told you before "PURE GENIUS"......Tania
OH S_ _ _ _ ! I couldn't take to much more of that! You know it's good when you can feel want your reading. I'm going to have to pop the cork off the bottle after that/1


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