The Twilight Saga

On a different Group someone else did it soo i did not come up with this!

Ok so here is an example!


Somebody  Why did Carsile turn edward into a vampire?



Sombody else answers he was thirsty!


And then the same person asks a dirrerent qustion. get it? I'll start! and P.s And all the questions have to be twilight!



Why does jacob imprint on Renesmee?

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Because Bella loves boys

Why is Emmett so goofy?
because he wants to eat a humanso badly that hes funny!

Why are their girl wolfs?
because the other wolves decided they were tired of looking at boys all day! :0) lol

why did the vamps and wolves create a useless boundary/treaty?
because they love each other so much the dont want to see each other.

why do jacob and rosalie hate each other?
Becaus there brother and sister

Why does victoria want to kill bella so bad ?
because shes jealous of her brown hair.

Why is Jacob hot and Edward Cold?

Because Katy Perry Said So!!!! lol :O)

Why is jacob so tan?
Becaus he payed money to be leader.

Why did edward change bella ?
Because bella was choking on a fork

Why dies rose have blonde hair?


because her diper was full!!!!!!!!!!

Because he had Spanish influenza...

Why is Alice fond of new clothes?
Becaus she has old clothes

Why does alice see the future ?


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