The Twilight Saga

On a different Group someone else did it soo i did not come up with this!

Ok so here is an example!


Somebody  Why did Carsile turn edward into a vampire?



Sombody else answers he was thirsty!


And then the same person asks a dirrerent qustion. get it? I'll start! and P.s And all the questions have to be twilight!



Why does jacob imprint on Renesmee?

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Becaus bella dated her old boyfriend

Why does edward hate jacob ?
because he dosent stop flirting wit bella

why dose jacob imprint on renesmee?
because if he cant hav bella shes the next best thing

Why do the volturi guard wear dark cloaks?
because they were all out of red cloaks! ( Red to represent blood!)

why sam im print on emiley?
becase its more fun than being balanced!!!!!!!!!

Why does edward sparkle!!!
because he likes to daZZLLE GIRLS1

why is leah a wolf?
because she likes dogs too much

Why does Charlie like fishing?
He doesn't he just like hang out around all those hot quilete boys!

why did james want to kill bella?
Becaus he wanted to give revenge .

Why is esme so loving and caring ?
because she tried being a demon and failed!!!1

why is bellas hair brown!
Because they were all out of Blonde hair die!

Why is Alice Really short?
So she doesn't have to be teased by her family!

Why doesn't Charlie know how to cook?


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