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Hello, I am Sara and Thank you for clicking on my workshop :). I try to get orders done as quickly as I can. But I had been out for 2 months and I want to apologize to the orders I have not completed,yet.

Profile Photo:

(400 by 400)

(500 by 500)

Name: (optional)





Story Banner:


Quote: (please no long quotes!)



Summary: (one or two detailed sentences please):

Photo(s): (please no small photos)


Book Cover: 

(256 by 400)




Quote: (optional, if there is a quote it must be SMALL)





Page Header:

Name: (optional)





Character Banner:

(800 by 600)

(800 by 400)


Quote: (Please no long quotes)




Lyric Banner:

(800 by 400)

Name Of Band:

Name Of Song: (optional)

Quote From Song:


Photo(s): (Please no small photos)



(1280 by 800)





Photos: (MUST be large photos!)

<--- This Beautiful Young Lady is Bunny(Juliee) Her work will blow you mind right of the pound. She is a great friend and person. I love her to pieces!

The Wonderful Juliee



This Wonderful Artist is Rachel! Her work is AMAZING! Shes Good Friend! Honestly, she is awsome sauce!---->

Pretty Girly!

<----- CLARIE~BEAR! Honestly if you dont like her work you need to see a therapist and eye doctor! i hope only ever get half as good as hers.!




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 Your welcom! I had fun making it!

hey girly can you make me a book cover

Book title: Summer Barton

Author: CammyBarton

Summary(Optional): Getting taken form Loki the God of Mischief and becoming his slave and his source of pleasure Sky is suffering trying to get free completely of Loki's control. Along the way she and the Avengers are in a lot of surprises.

Quote(Optional): (Please no long quotes) Do you know what it's like to be unmade?

Theme: dark but happy surpise me


Clint Barton aka Hawkeye

Sky Stark you of the pics of sky or clint which on like :)

Examples: just be creative do want you want surprise me :)

 Sorry its late,Hun

Order:Book Cover
Title:The Caffe
Summary:Don't need one
Quote:The best place to meet is THE CAFFE

 I am so sorry its so late.


hi Sarah can you make me a facebook header, mine is from last year's and it's getting pretty old to look at however beautiful it is...also a profile pic i'm currently in Venezuela and I need the header to be in spanish if its not too much of a bother here are the pics and details:

note with this pic: CUT HIM FROM THE IMAGE he's my exboyfriend please don't let him show up on the banner

For the profile picture, chose any of the pics above, but don't use them all, just use one, I don't want it to look overcrowded. for the details just go along with the facebook banner's theme...

Name (on both the header and proflie pic): Celeste 

Text (banner): Ahora amanece y el alba traerá  
Cálidas luces y esperanzas del este  
Y el cielo así

note: these are the lyrics to a song by laura pausini (yes there's actually a song that's named after me,) this is what it says: now it's daybreak and dawn will bring, warm lights and hope from the east and the sky is like that...celestial, celestial...

Theme:  I don't know I have in mind something delicate but edgy at the same time, pink but solft with black, look at the images below those are the kind of thing that should inspire the theme, in case you get confused...

Other: nope that's all thanks for the help sarah you I hope and look forward to that banner, and the profile pic of course...


Sooooooooooooooooo pretty thank you so much

 You are so welcome sweetheart!


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