The Twilight Saga

Here is how the game works.

Make a yes or no question and the next poster has to answer and then post their own yes or no question. Then the next poster will have to do the same thing so on and so forth.

Peron 1:
Have you read all the Twilight books?
Person 2:
Do you like Raisins?
Person 3:
Have you ever been to Moscow?
Hopefully you get the picture by now.
I'll start:
Do you like scary movies?

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Did you find the birth scene real scary?



Why do you like TTS?

Er...Reece,as per rules of this thread,we are supposed to ask only questions which could be answered with a 'yes' or 'no':) 


Do you wanna color your hair?



is there something you want to eat right now?

No. I am full:)


Do you wanna get ocher color contacts?

Oh my bad... Lol.


Yes I hate my eye color.


Do you like the color green?

not at all..


are you planning to by a new shirt?




Do you have short hair?



do you?

Yes and no... It's more medium length lol :P


Do you read many books?



Do you have green eyes?



Is it daytime where you live?


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