The Twilight Saga

Here is how the game works.

Make a yes or no question and the next poster has to answer and then post their own yes or no question. Then the next poster will have to do the same thing so on and so forth.

Peron 1:
Have you read all the Twilight books?
Person 2:
Do you like Raisins?
Person 3:
Have you ever been to Moscow?
Hopefully you get the picture by now.
I'll start:
Do you like scary movies?

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Nope. Not in another two weeks. ;)


Does a friend of yours swear on a regular basis?


are you patient?

Yes, in most cases most of the time.

Do you like instant tea in a bottle?

No! I like to make my own, the old-fashioned way. lol.


Do you wear belts?

Yes, sometimes.

Are you a fan of buffers?

I don't know what that is.. lol.


I got this question as extra credit on a bio/physiology exam once:

Can you live the rest of your life without breathing?

They are pieces of clothes that we wear around the neck or head to stay warm in cold days. ^^

Nope. Only vampire can do that. ^^


Do you like rock-climbing?

Never tried it but would love to give it a try:)

do you drink high calcium milk?

Nope. My stomach does not get along well with milk...


Do you add chocolate syrup to the milk?

Yes but not always

do you fear taking medicines?

No if it is sure to make me feel better.


Do you need to gulp down a big glass of water for just chasing down a couple of pills?

Nope, a mouthfull will do.

Did someone gave you cake today?


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