The Twilight Saga

Here is how the game works.

Make a yes or no question and the next poster has to answer and then post their own yes or no question. Then the next poster will have to do the same thing so on and so forth.

Peron 1:
Have you read all the Twilight books?
Person 2:
Do you like Raisins?
Person 3:
Have you ever been to Moscow?
Hopefully you get the picture by now.
I'll start:
Do you like scary movies?

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Yes! Not only places but even the food. I like to order things that I haven't tasted. Not anything that sounds weirdly fancy but something that is a variation of something I've tried before. If that makes sense.

Do you always order soup before the main course when you're out for dinner?

Yes,always! I love corn and veggie soup^^

Do you like to stay up late and watch movies?

No, I usually end up falling asleep.

Do you like tuna?

Nope. But I've never seen it. My sister is a lefty and she does everything with her left hand. 

Do you always prefer shoes to heels? 

Yes!! (Actually looking forward to trying out Fencing on my holidays! :D)

Would you ever go back in time if you had the chance?

No! I'd be tempted of course but I'd hand it in to the police. ;)


Is it summer where you live?

Yes. It is already 30 degrees Celcius right now...

Are you wearing shorts and sandals?

Hi Pei! *waves* I hardly see you on anymore! How are you?


No, I'm wearing capris and sandles. It hit 110F here on Saturday! Soo hot!


Do you like boiled peanuts?

Hello, Brandy. ^^ *waves back* I have been feeling out of sort of late...

Yes. I like boiled peanuts.


Do you peel the grapes before you eat them? 

That does sound interesting! 

Nope. I don't.

Has your chocolate intake increased during the holidays?


Did you misjudge someone recently?


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