The Twilight Saga

Here is how the game works.

Make a yes or no question and the next poster has to answer and then post their own yes or no question. Then the next poster will have to do the same thing so on and so forth.

Peron 1:
Have you read all the Twilight books?
Person 2:
Do you like Raisins?
Person 3:
Have you ever been to Moscow?
Hopefully you get the picture by now.
I'll start:
Do you like scary movies?

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yes kinda, am too lazy to do so.

Have you put off a family holiday lately?

Lol, not me but my parents ;)

Do you listen to Green Day?

fair enough :) lol.

Mhh I like a few of their songs, but I prefer Muse or Three Days Grace

Do you like Rock music?

Well not completely but because of my brother who is a diehard Rock music fan, I keep listening to a few every now and then.

Are you fond of manicures and pedicures?

fair enough and yes I am :)

do you prefer hot weather over cold?

Nice question because I keep thinking the same every now and then. I'm not entirely sure but I can't bear either extremes. Maybe a little hot weather with cool winds ;)

Are you a cellphone addict?

that sounds nice :)

No not really.

Do you like Pizza?

Umm, I eat it but not much. Scared of the carbs!

Would you like to visit Antarctica were you given once in a lifetime chance ;)?

I love Pizza.

Yes of course :) never been there.

If you could time travel would you?

Burger fan too?? ;)

Yes I totally would! Back 4 years in time would really do me good!!

Do you have OCD?

No. But some of my friends think I do.

Is there a mistake you keep repeating and never learn?

Yep. ^^


Did you just eat something with lots of alcohol in it?


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