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Okay so I want to write this story about how when Edward left Bella she didn't get depressed or zombie like she just got over him and Edward thought he still loved Bella so everything happen the same when she jumped off the cliff. Alice talks her into going to get Edward so that happens the same but when Aro offers her to stay with them and become a member of the Volturi she agrees because she feels drawn to a certain Volturi member.

What happens to Edward?

When they meeet again how will everyone react?

And who is that special volturi member that Edward meets and doesn't want to leave?

So should i write this or not?





When Edward left many thought that I would be sad or depressed because he was so great... but I wasn't in fact I analyzed our relatiuonship and realized it wasn't love it was just an experiance. But when I looked into the eyes of him I knew my life changed he seemed so down and sad that I just had to go to him and comfort him but I couldn''t with Edward there so I did the next best thing I left Edward and I said yes.

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omg i LOVE this story plz update and add me i LOVE the pairing!!! :)
I like what Courtney Ann Crowley said up there^^

And while that is happening Edward Meets Ciera.His soul Mate
keep me updated please this is good
great story..
keep me updated..
hi everyone thank you so much for your comments if you want me to keep you updated just add me as a friend and the ball will be happening soon give me some time and i will make an extra long chapter okay? i've just been a little bit busy but i will write more soon and tank you for the idea now Marcus will be biting Bella in front of everyone but this is the secret part the why will be different from what you think lol!
all my love,(lol)
hurry and write
i want to know about the ball
post more soon and keep me updated

With Love and Luck
Please write more soon! I realy like the new Bella and how she and markas are soulmates! Please please please write more soon!!!!!!!!
okay guys heres the next chapter i hope you like it sorry it took so long

Chapter seven: surprise it can happen…
Bella’s POV (this story will be mostly Bella’s POV sorry)
The days went by and they were wonderful me and Marcus were inseparable. We were truly in love and everyone knew that for we weren’t exactly shy to show it. Right now I was out shopping with the girls. I was wearing a pretty in pink outfit as I liked to call it with a lot of diamonds that Marcus had to get me.
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I liked it; it made me look cute and innocent. Plus Jane said that Marcus loved innocent looking outfits. I cringed when she said this because she was my sweet little innocent Jane but apparently she wasn’t so innocent. Heidi said that Jane had done far worse than she lets on but I quickly covered my ears and hummed loudly so to not hear her.
“what about this?” Jane asked me as she held out what I think was supposed to be a skirt but it fit my new style and it would drive Marcus crazy.
“I…ouch that hurt” I said as I rubbed my tummy which felt a little bigger than normal
What the? I carefully pulled up my polo and damn near fainted at the sight of a bump and not just any bump a baby bump!
“guys, I think we maybe have a problem” I said still looking at my swollen belly when they saw it they gasped
“just a little bit!” Jane screeched and I finally blacked out…

(Marcus POV Marky!)
I was waiting for my beloved to come home from shopping when I heard a commotion in the lobby so I went to investigate and when I saw my Bella looking lifeless I growled at everyone they parted like the red sea and I went to her touching her forehead and hearing her heartbeat calmed me better than anything ever could.
“Bella baby can you hear me wake up please” I cooed earning a weird look from our receptionist I guess she hasn’t heard about me and Bella yet how odd.
“Marky?” she asked blinking repeatedly
“yes my love” I answered as I kissed her passionately
“now can someone tell me what happened” I hissed looking at the girls Bella nudged my arm and I looked at her shooting me a disappointed look I raised an eyebrow in silent question
“it’s not their fault it’s kind of ours well yours if you think about it”
“huh?” I asked
“well I think I’m pregnant…” she whispered almost so I couldn’t even hear it
“what? You can’t be that’s impossible” Aro said”
“oh really then look at my belly and put your hand on it now she’s kicking” Bella said stubbornly
I let my hand rest on her belly and I felt the most amazing thing a little kick right under my hand I smiled widely
“yea that’s definitely a baby” I mumbled Bella giggled
“this is amazing Bella you’ve officially given me everything all you have to do to make the happiest man on earth is marry me” I said she gasped and tears of joy flowed down her face
“oh yes Marcus I would love to marry you!” she squealed and jumped on me to tackle me with kisses and hugs Aro cleared his throat causing Bella to blush a little.
“so what shall we call this demon spawn?” Felix asked I growled and my Bella jumped up and pounced on Felix she may be human but I sort of felt sorry for him.
“don’t call my baby a demon spawn you meany” she screeched then started balling like crazy most everyone by now had left except me, Bella, Aro, Caius, Felix, and the girls Heidi and Jane along with Chelsea
“Felix!” I yelled he smiled apologetically
“Marky I want to go to our room Felix is being mean and everyone’s starring at me” Bella mumbled I nodded and scooped her and carried her to our room.
I set her on the bed and she sank into sleep shortly after.
Well this is unexpected I’m going to be a dad. I thought to myself
“brother may I come in?” Aro asked
“yes Aro” I whispered so to not wake my Bella.
“I don’t know about this, I mean I’m happy for you but what will this do to her and what will this child be like? I can’t help but wonder” he said quietly I nodded and looked at Bella’s sleeping form
“me too Aro me too”

(Back to Bella!)
I woke up groaning in pain my back hurt and my stomach had increased in size.
“how are you feeling my angel?” Marcus asked I groaned loudly and glared at him he gulped visibly and looked down at my stomach. He began to caress it causing the baby to kick I sighed
“what is it my love are you hungry?” Marcus asked concerned
“no, I’m just overwhelmed I never thought having a baby with you was possible I mean you’re a vampire for crying out loud your physically dead –no offense” I added he nodded and I went on “and well this is just a shock I mean what am I to do? This isn’t a normal baby this baby will be half human and half vampire what if it kills me or am I supposed to drink blood now because that’s what it will crave I just I don’t know it kills me to not know I want her I just don’t know what’s going to happen” I explained by the end of my explanation I ended up in Marcus’s lap.
“I have the same fears I can’t live without you and I won’t but I want to be a father I want her too and by the way how do you know it’s a her?” he asked
“I just do a mother’s intuition I guess” I smiled and he kissed my forehead
“so Marcus I’m hungry but I don’t want human food because as odd as it sounds human food right now sounds like it’ll taste like dirt on a stick” I gagged he laughed and nodded
“I’ll get you some blood then my dear” he said and ran off I waited for about five minutes then he returned with a cup of blood I drank it greedily
“so I was thinking why don’t we have your carination and the wedding at the same time?” Marcus suggested
“sounds like a plan I want a white dress with a red bow and red accents that’s our wedding theme and the them of the ball black, red, and white okay” I said more than asked but Marcus nodded anyway he would do anything to keep me happy I just knew it.
“well it’s settled then shall I go tell Aro?” he asked
“no cause I’m going back to sleep and I want you to hold me we’ll tell Aro later” I demanded causing Marcus to laugh
“alright I don’t mind I love your sleep talk anyway” he replied as he set my empty blood cup on the night stand I groaned
“I always say stupid mushy gushy things anyway” I complained as I got under the covers Marcus’s arms where securely wrapped around me and I sighed in content
“yes you do but I love it” he said kissing my neck
Soon I drifted off to sleep dreaming of my vampire and my unborn child.

(so like hate? Well comment please)
love it
thank you
I love it!!!! Keep goingggg


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