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When i think of bella and edwards relationship as humans i want to see a fun bestfriend/love relationship! i want to see them make a mess in a kitchen together, dance and sing like weirdos, and have inside jokes! i dont want it to be dramatic and impossible for them to be together! i want to see what it would be like for them to be love struck happy teenagers together without having any problems or bad times so im bringing that dream of mine to life... You Make Me Smile




 Edward and I...the story between us could go on forever so im going to give you the short version...We were little kids together in elementary school and middle school. We went to every birthday party, we had sleepovers, we played tag, we played outside and made a mess, but most of all we were best friends! That ofcourse changed at one point when we found out our feelings had grown to something more...but i like our happy story.... You´re better then the best I´m lucky just to linger in your light Cooler then the flip side of my pillow that´s right He looked at me and winked i laughed. Completely unaware Nothing can compare to where you send me Lets me know that it´s ok yeah it´s ok And the moments where my good times start to fade You make me smile like the sun Fall out of bed sing like bird Dizzy in my head spin like a record Crazy on a Sunday night You make me dance like a fool Forget how to breathe Shine like gold buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild Ohh you make me smile The song Smile came onto the radio but Edward had decided to sing the first verse so i joined in at the chorus. "Ohh you make me smile." i sang to him and then started to laugh when he turned off the radio and grabbed the hose. "Edward Cullen you put that hose down right now or so help you i will..." I looked around for a weapon and found the bucket of suds left from washing his volvo and picked it up. He grinned wickedley at the challenge and i knew i was about to lose the battle...but i would win the war. "EDWARD!" I screamed as he sprayed me giving me no mercy. So when he stopped i walked over to him with the bucket, he was about to make a run for it when i dumped the dirt filled water all over him. He spit out some water and we both started laughing histerically. "You evil little girl! you know now i will have to punish you..." he said. I glared at him. "You wouldn't." I said getting scared as he stood up. "Oh but i would! MUAHAHA!" He laughed like an evil villan as he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder, i started to scream and kick. "Edward! Put me down before i call charlie out here to arrest you!" I yelled but giggled at him. "Nahh i dont think i will besides charlie loves me too." He laughed. It was true though charlie was like his partial father like carlisle was to me. I sighed in defeat but started up again as we got to the destination that his evil mind had come up with. He handed me to the one person who could humiliate me for hours, who could make me cry from laughing, and the one i feared the most. "YAY! I GET TO PLAY WITH BELSY!!" Emmett yelled as i stared at him in horror. "I will be avenged i tell you!! avenged!!" I yelled at edward as i started to squirm around in emmetts arms. Edward sat to watch the show and i glared at him as emmett held me upside down from my ankle. Edward started to laugh as my face turned red from the blood rushing to my head. Then emmett put me back right side up but didnt let go because i would have ran. Then the REAL torture began as he started to tickle me and i started crying from laughing so hard and then it stopped for two seconds. I was about to get up when Edward came over and pinned me down and tickled me some more. "STOP- PLEASE--I'M--BEGGING--YOU!!!! i said in between fits of laughter. I could hear him laughing too and he finally stopped and lifted me up. I glared at him and he looked all innocent at me. "What did I do? I am innocent i tell you! that was an imposter that gave you to emmett! i swear!!" "Yea tell it to the judge!" I said to him as i fake punched him. So he fake punched me back and it started a whole fight and by the end edward had a bruise on his chest. He knew he wouldnt hear the end of it from Emmett which i laughed evilly at. "Okay okay you got your how about i take the evil master mind to lunch?" he asked still laughing from today's events. "Oooohh! lets go fancy!" We both started laughing histerically. Soon we pulled up to McDonalds and we started laughing all over again at our fancy feast we had called it, you know like the cat food. We ordered our food and started heading home when i changed the radio station and the song insomnia came on by craig david and we started singing. Because i can't sleep til you're next to me No i can't live without you no more Oh i stay up til you're next to me Til this house feels like it did before Feels like insomnia ah ah, feels like insomnia ah ah Feels like insomnia ah ah, feels like insomnia ah ah




YES chapter 26 IS missing (sorry guys) leave me a message with an email adress! i will send it IF i can find it my whole hard drive was wiped out and its missing so im searching for it thanks!

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thanks *blushes* i will write more today!
Awesome! -happy dances-
This story freaggin rocks
Chapter 3 BPOV over the edge

He almost had to pull me off of him because i refused to let go. How could i have been so stupid as to not see how he stared at me? or how he would look away whenever i was in short shorts or a dress? How he had trouble talking whenever i hugged him? I feel so horrible! But hey that was some first kiss eh? Then we finally broke apart.

"Really? You didn't notice that i've liked you since 8th grade? we are sophmores Bella! it's been three years! wait wait just kissed me!!" He got all excited at the end and i just had to laugh at his expression, he looked like a kid on christmas day! "What?!" He yelled laughing a little. which just made me laugh harder and i fell onto the floor so he sat down next to me."Bella Swan! Why won't you stop laughing?!"

"you're....face!!!!" i started laughing all over again. But then he looked a little sad so i calmed down a bit.

"So you don't like me? you just wanted to see my face when you kissed me? did you think i was joking?" He looked like he was fighting tears but trying not to show it, he's to manly for that kinda stuff. Aww...he's so sad, what is he talking about?! ofcourse i love him! I sobered up quickly. He still looked really sad and i reached up and touched his face with my hand.

"What are you talking about Edward?! are you insane?! you of all freaking people should know i wouldn't do something like that unless i meant it! and i knew you were serious! dont be sad!! pwease....i can make it awl better!" I said with my puppy dog face. Then he started laughing at me."Shut up Edward!" I said to him while i hit him playfully on the chest but he caught my wrist and pulled our faces extremely close together.

"You are a siwwy wittle girl Bellsy." He whispered to me and i giggled and turned my face away for two seconds then turned back.

"But why would you want to be my boyfriend? there are so many girls that are way prettier than me that would die to be with you and you want me?" I asked him. i was really confused by that, i am the most plain and slightly boyish girl who doesn't like to dress up girl in the school! and i just happen to be his bestfriend but yea...

"Bella...i want to be your boyfriend because i want to be able to kiss you whenever i want, so that i can be the only one to say i love you, the only one that ever gets to hold you, and the only one you will ever want, need, and have." He said. Awww that was so sweet! and i love him for that! wow i just said love in my brain to bestfriend. We were looking seriously at each other."so what do you have to say to that?" He said quietly looking nervous and i just realised that he was asking me to be his girlfriend. I brought my hand to his cheek again.

"I love you." Was all i said before we kissed again and im not sure if he was planning on stopping until we saw a flash from the other side of the kitchen and i pulled away."what was that?! EMMETT!" I yelled and ran towards where i saw it and there he was, sitting on the floor looking at the digital camera in shock.

"Woah! i never thought you and eddie here were like that...well i knew he liked you whats it been like three years and he didnt have the balls to tell you and now i found the two bestfriends are on the floor sitting on top of each other making out?! What the ***** happened?!" Emmett asked all of a sudden then i realised edward was about to come over here when emmett got that evil look in his eyes, you know the one that says something bad is about to happen. He scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder and started running out of the house.

"EMMETT!" I heard edward yell while i kicked and hit him but i already knew edward would catch up in about 30 seconds, he was the fastest one out of all of us. then i felt emmett fall and knew edward had jumped on top of him so i squirmed out of his arms and fell on top of Edward. I giggled and was about to get up when edward grabbed me and started carrying me so i put both of my arms around his neck. He was running really fast back to his house and once we got there i got emmetts camera to look at the picture and it was insane! I didnt know we could look so good together let alone kissing! Edward had his arms around me and my hands were in his hair and were those tears coming off of our faces?! I felt my cheek and sure enough it was wet.

This is crazy! who'd a thought i would love edward so much? then i remembered the dance was tomorrow and alice was unfortunatley going to be alice and dress us both which scared me because it would be different to find edward hot rather than handsome and what would he think of me? would he compare me to girls that were at the dance?! I was freaking out until i felt him hug me from behind. I sighed. It was okay he loves me is all i had to remember.

I suddenly randomly remembered something and gasped.

"Edward! Oh my gosh! i just remembered two things ohh this is bad..." I said as i whirled around to face him.
Can you keep me update and PLZ more
nice chappie yay first too comment
haha Emmet would always be emmet !!!!!!!!!!!
chapter 4 will be up in a couple hours or sooner :) thanks for reading and please comment :)
Chapter 4 BPOV Its all just fun and games until number 2 shows up...

"Bella, what is it it can't be that bad..." He suddenly looked worried.

"Well the first isnt but the second...umm...yea back to the first one! Well i have to make cookies for my moms preschool kids!" He looked at me suspiciously. "Weeelll if i give you a kiss could we maybe deal with umm number 2 later?" i asked hopefully and he sighed.

"I guess but no shorties!" He said. HAH! like that would be a problem! so we kissed again and he instantly went happy again, well whatever he had waited three years so the happier he was so was I!

We went into the kitchen and got all the stuff we needed and just as he was about to pull the spoon out a big wad of dough hit me in th face.

"I swear i didnt mean to do that!" He said right after it happened. I faked anger and grabbed my bowl of flour.

"I know you didnt because if you did you would have THIS all over you!" I said as i flicked flour into his face. Then i wiped the dough off my cheek and ate it and giggled.

"Your right but now i woops! oh sorry did that get in your hair? he looked at the baking soda he had just purposely put in my hair. So thats what he wants? I started throwing flour while he kept using the baking soda and soon we both ran out and there was dust everywhere and we were covered from head to toe in flour dough and baking soda. When the dust cleared we looked at each other and started laughing so hard we both fell and then we pulled out the cookies we had managed to make in all of the yelling and throwing, screaming, and laughing.

"Oh you have some cookie dogh on your cheek i'll get it!" He said all of a sudden and then he ate the cookie dough off of my face.

"Nice excuse to put your mouth on me Eddie." and i stuck my tongue out at him and he blushed.

"Hey! my name is eddieward!" he said

"Oh okay then eddieward well ive gotta clean myself up and i will be back down in like 5." i said as i used my finger to get some more cookie dough off of his face and ate it. He went up to his room to get cleaned up to so we didnt look like we were vampires when we went back downstairs. haha vampires psh! "Oh no!" I whispered as i looked at the clock and ran full speed down the stairs but it was too late edward was already there talking to him. "Edward hang on I will tell him..." I sighed as i walked over to the boys. Edward was glaring at Jacob and Jacob was looking confused and full of himself at the same time because he thought i liked him while edward had a crush on me.

"Hey, uh, Jake so here's the thing i have to cancel our, tonight well..." i looked at edward but he was shocked and abosolutely pissed off at the same time then his anger flared and he glared straight at Jacob and Jacob shrank back.

"She wants a man not a dog now go run with your tail between your legs off of my property before her dad comes over here with a gun!" Edward looked extremely hot when he was jealous. Jacob ran full speed to his car and drove off.

He turned to me expecting an explanation. "You know your hot when your jealous." I said to him like it was a normal conversation. He couldn't help but laugh and hug me.

"Dont think your off that easy! You were going to go on a date with him without even telling your bffl and now boyfriend? wow ive got competition already!" He said unhappy again.

"Oh come on Edward obviously i didn't know you were in love with me when he asked me out! Wow i had two boyfriends for like an hour there..." i thought almost laughing. "anyways i just didnt think you would care if i went to a movie with jacob or if he kissed me like this..." I kissed him. "or if he held me during the scary parts." I hugged him putting my face in his chest so he couldn't see my face. "But i guess i was way off the mark!" I said while smirking.

"Damn straight you were! and i might not mind about going to a movie with you myself, what one were you going to see?" He asked like he didnt mean anything by it.

"Maybe i'll tell you maybe i wont, depends on what the pasword is..." He kissed me and i shook my head. He was suprised he had gotten it wrong. so he thought about it and i raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh! I love you!" He said all of a sudden and i laughed.

"Well when you put it that way...okay!" I told him what movie we were going to see and he ran me out to the car and got the tickets and before i could say popcorn we were in seats! Little did we know what would happen...
cliff hamgher now o i see ok its thats how u wanna play lol
anyways Eddikins is hot when his mad he told jacob to go run like a dog their should hav been a fight
haha gosh if you had written this jacob might have died haha idk i just have a feeling... :D maybe illl fix that in another chapter? dont forget he already punched mike....
HAHA More PLZ and wow


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